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100 This person seems to be swaying slightly.
101 You see the party bartender.
102 It seems he's been sampling some of his merchandise.
103 Wha...whas..what cans I gets yas. [Hick.]
104 Nuka Cola [$6]
105 Beer [$15]
106 Booze [$30]
107 Nothing today. Thanks.
108 Ug.
109 Ohhhh...that ain't no fun ta drinks. [He hands you your drink.]
110 [End]
111 Here ya goes. It's a bit warm cuz it hasn't had time to cool. Sellen' the stuff faster than I can makes it. [It's warm, it's yellow it's....]
112 [End]
113 [You feel the walls of your stomach dissolve as you take a large gulp.]
114 [End]
115 Whoa...[hick] I thinks yuz had nuf ta drinks already.
116 [End]
117 Ahhh man! You don't have enuf money! Cum back when ya gets sum.
118 [End]
119 He has a bit of a wild look to him.
120 You see a reliant.
121 He seems a bit jittery.
122 Whatdoyawant? Igotitall!
123 Mentats [$560]
124 Buffout [$400]
125 Psycho [$800]
126 Nothing today. Thanks.
127 Ug.
128 Thatsgreat! Givemethemoneyandgetoutofhere. Igotabusinesstorun.
129 [End]
130 Likethesayinggoes. Nomoneynohoney. Oh. Thatsforsex. Howaboutnodoughnoblow. Comebackwhenyougotsomecash.
131 [End]
132 Heheheh! Lookslikeyoucanusesomementats. Giveme$1000.
133 [Give the man $1000]
134 Me go.
135 OHYEAH! Thiswillpickyourightup!
136 [END]
150 Hey, you're kinda cute; whats your name?
151 A'lil higher. Ohh, yeah.
152 You ready ... get jiggy with it?
153 Naw..naw..naw..naw nuh naw.
154 Watch like this. Yeah.
155 Na't now go away.
156 Lemme be drunk over here.
157 Go get jiggy ..somewhere else.
158 How about you and me get away from the crowd?
159 Uhh, lets do it!
160 Naa, I'm drunk.
161 [Burb] ::smile::
170 Hey, you want to go behind that bush?
171 You ever been high and done it?
172 I could show you the stars, baby.
173 You know I want some lovin'.
174 I was hoping to run into someone who was ready to go.
175 That was enough for me.
176 Hey, you got a cigarette?
177 Hey, now don't get too attached -- I like my freedom.
178 You're as sleek as a panther and I want you.
179 You ready?
180 Not now; I gotta shoot up.
181 Man the hatches. We're goin' in.
200 Don't be a jerk!
201 Go party elsewhere.
202 It seems she's been sampling some of her own merchandise.
203 This is not cool!
204 Chill dude.

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