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100 Prospector
101 Hold it right there, stranger! I'm not used to ambushing strangers, but I need supplies and I can't leave my claim. Want to do a quick trade?
102 Sure.
103 I've got nothing to trade. Sorry.
104 Booga.
105 What a stroke of luck. You can't talk can you? Can't talk, can't tell anyone where my claim is. Let's trade.
106 [Barter]
107 OK, beat it! And you better not tell anyone where my claim is.
108 [End]
109 I think you better keep moving.
110 We have nothing more to talk about.
111 On your way!
112 Go get 'em.
113 Can't have you tell'en anyone where my claim is.
114 Why'd you go an attack me?
115 Now I have to kill you.
116 I just wanted some supplies.
117 You can have my claim!

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