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100 A nomad.
101 Nomad shaman.
102 The strong smell of herbs cling to this one's clothing.
103 Hello, stranger. I am the tribe shaman. I am skilled in the art of healing.
104 Hello again.
105 I am in need of healing.
106 Can you combine the xander root and the broc flower?
107 Bye.
108 Ooga.
109 Be still and I will examine you.
110 [Continue]
111 I have found these afflictions.
112 Can you help me?
113 I can perform the following for a price:
114 Please extract the poison from my body.
115 Please heal me.
116 See what you can do for my broken limb.
117 Bye.
118 Your have been healed.
119 You have been healed.
120 You have been healed.
121 I am in need of more of your skills.
122 Thank you; I feel much better. Bye.
123 My skills are limited, and I cannot help you any further in this area.
124 [Continue]
125 You do not require this type of healing.
126 [Continue]
127 Ahh...You are familiar with the healing properties of these two plants. It will only cost you
128 Please combine the two plants for me.
129 Maybe later, bye.
130 [You watch as he carefully crushes and combines the two plants, and then hands you precisely measured doses of the powder.]
131 Bye.
132 You seem to be short on cash. Return later when your purse is fatter.
133 [END]
134 I do not have time for such nonsense. Leave!
135 [END]
136 [Poisoned]
137 [Injured]
138 [Radiated]
139 [Crippled]
140 Cure poison,
141 Fix crippled limbs,
142 Healing $
143 Infidel!
144 Why do you attack us?
145 I will defend the tribe with my life!
146 How dare you violate our hospitality.
147 Be gone!
148 Leave us.
149 We are a peaceful tribe.

I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.

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