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100 A nomad.
101 Nomad chieftain.
102 By his dress and the way he carries himself, he must be a leader of some sort.
103 Ah, a traveler. Be welcome to my humble tent. Take shade from the unending heat of the land.
104 Thank you; I graciously accept your offer of shade.
105 I must decline your offer. I am just passing through.
106 Ooga.
107 Be welcome, then. We have long been away from the 'civilized' lands. We are in need of certain items. Perhaps we might be able to trade?
108 What do you have to trade?
109 I have nothing to trade. Sorry.
110 Perhaps another time, then? May your travels be free of danger.
111 Bye.
112 How unfortunate. Then rest and be welcome in my camp.
113 Bye.
114 My offer of shade has come too late for you. The sun must have boiled away words from your brain. I must be kind to those less fortunate than I. Stay as long you like in my camp, dimwitted one.
115 Bye.
116 Infidel!
117 Why do you attack us?
118 I will defend the tribe with my life!
119 How dare you violate our hospitality.
120 Be gone!
121 Leave us.

Great warrior. Wars not make one great.

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