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100 You see a well-traveled person.
101 You see a merchant.
102 Wow, I rarely see people out here.
103 Hey! Wait! I have things that could help you along!
104 Hey! Do you have anything to trade for these?
105 This must be my lucky day. Come, see what I have for sale.
200 Greetings, traveler! I rarely see many people along this route, but am always happy to have new customers. Would you like to trade?
201 Hey there! It's really great that you stopped. Most people along this route just keep right on going. Hey, would you like to trade some things?
202 Would you be interested in a little trade?
250 That'd be good.
251 Sorry, have to keep on moving.
252 Yah. Me got stuff!
253 Me go.
260 Good trading with you. Good luck in your travels.
261 Bye.

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