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100 You see a man wearing MKII power armor. He doesn't look friendly.
101 You see Kaga in MKII power armor.
102 A big hunk of metal with arms and guns.
103 I tire of the chase. Let's finish this.
104 This is the last time you will meet Kaga.
105 You are no match for Kaga.
106 I look forward to sending you on your next life.
107 You have been a worthy enemy.
108 This part of the wastes doesn't need a do-gooder like you.
109 After I kill you, I will be the most feared person in this part of the wastes.
110 I am looking forward to going home to Arroyo - to burn it down.
111 Kaga will be famous for killing you.

Here's a little trick I learned in prison!

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