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28 Results For ECHERMIT.MSG
100 You see a hermit.
101 You see a hermit.
102 It looks as if he hasn't washed in years.
103 Can guess you why I hermit? [It seems he hasn't spoken to anyone in years.]
104 Why?
105 Just passing through.
106 Ug.
107 Me want left alone.
108 Since I'm here, maybe we can barter. I'm sure I have something you might want.
109 I'll leave you alone then.
110 Trade. Then leave you will.
111 OK, here's what I have to trade.
112 I best leave.
113 Leave now.
114 I'll be going now.
115 Hmm...I like you. No ear talk off. Stay, trade me and you.
116 K'
117 Me go.
118 Nice talk. Go now. Tired am I.
119 [END]
120 Talk give pain in head. Go.
121 Done me talk to you.
122 No talk. Go.
123 Go away!
124 Leave home!
125 How you dare me attack!
126 Leave alone me.
127 I go.

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