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100 You see a caravan master.
101 Thank the Maker you got here when you did. It seems it's getting tougher and tougher to get from one place to the next without getting attacked by someone or something.
102 What can I do for you now?
103 Where are you headed?
104 What's your cargo?
105 Bye.
106 Ug.
107 I just picked up a shipment from
108 and now I'm headed for
109 .
110 What's your cargo?
111 Bye.
112 We're carrying
113 Do you think I might be able to trade with you?
114 Where are you headed?
115 Bye.
116 Well, I don't see why not, considering you helped us out in a pinch and all. Sure, why not. Here's what I got.
117 [Barter]
118 I changed my mind.
119 I know I've seen you somewhere. Holy shit! You're the one on all those wanted posters! Look, we don't want no trouble. You go your way and we'll go our way. I won't even tell anyone we've seen you. Now go!
120 Hey! You're the one on all those wanted posters. Don't worry, I won't turn you in; as I recall, I'm wanted in couple places myself. Now, you wanted to trade�
121 [Barter]
122 Good enough, then. We got to get going. Don't worry, I won't tell the law I saw you.
123 Wait a minute! I've heard of you. You're the do-gooder that's running around saving and helping people. We don't like your kind, so buzz off!
124 I've heard good things about a person fitting your description. I guess it would be all right to trade some of our cargo to you. Here's what I got.
125 [Barter]
126 Bye.
127 I've heard of you. You're that bad-ass going around raising a ruckus all over the place. I've been meanin' to meet you so I can shake your hand. Thinking of all the rude and crude rumors about you just brings a tear to my eye. It would be my honor to trade with you.
128 [Barter]
129 Bye
130 Word is you or someone who looks like you has been causing trouble lately. I don't do business with your kind. Sorry.
131 I don't know what you're wanted for and I don't rightly care. We don't do business with your type.
132 Why don't you�'do good' somewhere else.
133 I'm sure a person of your reputation can find supplies elsewhere.
134 State your business.
135 Where are you headed?
136 What's your cargo?
137 Bye.
138 Ug.
139 That's�nice. You have a nice day now.
150 medicine.
151 gold ore.
152 uranium ore.
153 farm goods.
154 chems.
155 slaves.
156 stuff.
198 New Reno
199 The Den
200 Arroyo
201 Redding
202 Vault City
203 NCR
204 Broken Hills
205 Gecko
206 San Francisco
207 Modoc
208 Klamath
209 Vault 15

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