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100 You see a traveler.
101 This person seems to be looking for something.
200 It's a slaver! Kill him!
201 Kill the oppressor!
202 Kill the evil slaver!
203 Down with slavery! Kill the slavers!
204 Die, slaving scum!
250 Hello there!
251 Hey stranger!
300 Hey stranger, what are you doing out in these parts?
301 I'm lost.
302 Just wandering around.
303 Not much. What are you doing out here?
304 Looking for people to kill.
305 Nothing. Bye.
306 huh?
307 Um, I think I need to be going now. Bye.
310 I wish I could help you, but I've been wandering these parts for so long, I'm not certain where anything is any more.
311 Why are you wandering around here?
312 What are you doing out here?
313 Well, good luck to you.
314 Ah, well, good luck to you. Oh, by the way, watch out for the Den. They like to sell people there.
315 The Den?
316 Sell people?
317 Sure, whatever. Bye.
320 Seems people around these parts like to keep slaves. I'm here to try and free them slaves. And if a slaver or two dies in the process, no biggie.
321 What's wrong with owning slaves? I'd own some if I could find them.
322 I'll keep my eyes out for the bastards.
323 Killing is never justified.
324 Kill? I'll help you kill them.
330 Really? That's great. Well, I have to head out and look for more slaves to free.
331 Good luck.
335 No, sometimes you need to kill a few people to save many. Sacrifices of the land. Besides, they're slavers; it's not like they are real people.
336 Yeah, you're right. Well, I've gotta go.
337 Really? Well, to me you're dead meat.
338 Whatever. Bye.
340 You bastard! I'll kill you for that!
341 You bitch! I'll kill you for that!
342 Not if I kill you first!
350 Yeah. They attack small groups of people. Any that live go to the auction blocks.
351 That's horrible. I'll remember to watch out for them. Thanks.
355 The Den's a town. They specialize in slavery and all sorts of evil. They're no good at all.
356 Thanks for the information. Bye.
360 Just looking to shut down the slave routes.
361 What do you mean?
362 Oh, ok. Good luck to you.
363 Whatever. Bye.
370 Try slavers. They make really good kills. Nice and messy.
371 Cool. Thanks for the info.

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