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100 You see a slave.
101 You see Vic.
150 This slave seems to be kept under tight surveillance.
151 This is Vic.
152 [TALK]
153 Would you tell him I can't... wait. Who are you? You're not a slaver. What are you doing here?
154 My name is
155 . I�m here to get you out.
156 I'm
157 , but why have you been locked in this room?
158 Can you tell me where Vault 13 is?
159 I�m
160 . I'll be right back.
161 Dubba iba
162 .
163 Metzger's still quite upset with me, even though we fixed his darn radio. He's threatening to sell me off! I'll do anything you ask if you can get me out of this mess.
164 OK, I will.
165 Sorry, I can't. Bye.
166 Whoo.
167 Oh, hi again. This darn radio isn't going to repair it's self. How does he expect me to fix it?
168 Where can I get the parts?
169 Maybe I can repair it.
170 Can you use this radio I found?
171 I�ll see what I can do.
172 Spa pa?
173 I know I can do it, I just need the spare parts. There is an old radio in my shack back in Klamath that has exactly what I need. You been to the Dunton's? My shack's... well, it was just east of their place.
174 Do you mean this radio?
175 I�ll go look for it.
176 Hmmm... I�ll be back.
177 That's great! I'll have the radio fixed in no time.
178 Okay, I'll talk to Metzger.
179 Thanks.
180 Bye.
181 Pardon? I'm sorry but I don't understand.
182 hurm.
183 Thank you! I'm forever in your debt. What can I do to repay you?
184 Tell me where Vault 13 is.
186 Come with me, I could use a hand.
187 It was nothing. Good bye.
188 Candy?
189 Vault 13? There�s a Vault City east of here. I trade there, sometimes.
190 Want to go there with me?
191 Thanks. Bye.
192 Sure, I�ll join up with you! This old fart has one big adventure left in him. I�m sure of it! I'm pretty good at repairing things too, despite what Metzger says.
193 Great, let�s go.
194 Welcome aboard.
195 Whatever.
196 Vic me bess frend.
197 Want to join me on my search?
198 Great! Thanks.
203 Vault City is east of here. I�ll point it out on that map of yours.
204 Thanks.
206 It's right here. [pointing to a map]
220 Darn it. That's close, but I need the radio from my shack in Klamath. I know that one has the parts I need.
300 Yeah, I can probably help you, but you've got to get me out of here first.
301 I told you. If you can get me out of here, I'll help you with anything you want.
302 How do we do that?
303 You're on you own then.
304 Okay, I'll see what I can do.
350 You think you can help me out?
351 Metzger still won't let me leave.
352 I can't take much more of this.
353 I'll do anything for you if you help me.
354 I'll earn back any expenses you may incur!
400 You haven't been by my place yet have you? I really need that radio, Metzger's getting angrier with me by the day.
450 Where did you get this water flask?
451 I had a water flask that had a big yellow 13 on it. Do you remember where you got it?
500 Oh, yeah. I remember that. I bought that from Ed. He's a brahmin dealer over in Vault City.
501 Water Flask? Oh, wait. Yea, I had a few dozen of'm. Sold pretty well. I got'm from Ed. A brahmin dealer over in Vault City.
502 Vault City?
550 Would you stop calling me Boss?
600 Sure thing, Chief!
601 I mean it STOP IT!
602 I guess that'll have to do.
650 You got it, Sport!
651 Uggg!
700 Bee my friend.
710 Would you tell him I can't fix this without the parts. I don't know... wait. Who are you? Some new recruit? He didn't send you here to ruff me up again did he? It's not going to make any difference. I can't fix it here.
750 Wow! You'd do that for me? I'd do anything if you could get me out this mess. Only problem is that Metzger's got me locked up here until I fix this radio and I don't have the parts I need.
753 Where can I get the parts you need?
754 I'll see what I can do.
760 It's a long story. I guess you could say that Metzger's keeping me here until I fix this darn radio. The crystal's shot and I don't have any spare parts. How does he expect me to fix it?.
761 Well, I'm here to get you out.
764 Don't know. See ya.
800 I've got to get this radio fixed. If you can help me do that, then maybe we can reason with him.
801 Where can I get the parts?
803 I doubt it. Good luck.
810 Why'd you kill poor Mom� I guess you had your reasons� I'm sorry, Boss. It's not my place to question you. This is a pretty bad town. I'm sure she did something pretty bad.
811 Hey, Boss. Thanks for getting me out of that mess with Metzger. You need anything? Mom's been kind enough to feed me while you've been gone. I help her around the place�.
812 Bye.
813 Oooh.
814 Beiye
823 Where is your friend Ed, again?
830 I would if I could, but you're just not looking good. I'd only be a burden. Now that Mom's gone, I think I'll just head out. Don't know where� maybe we'll see each other again. Thank you for everything you've done for me.
831 I would if I could, but you're just not looking good. Looks like you can barely take care of yourself. I'd only be a burden. I'll just wait here, Mom's cooking reminds me of my ex-wife�.
832 I would, honest. I'd do almost anything for you. It's just that you don't look like you're in any shape to lead anyone. I'd only be a burden. I'll just head over to Mom's, in a bit� until you can work things out. I haven't had her home cooking on a long time.
833 Sorry, Boss. Looks like you're pretty crowded. Now that Mom's gone, I think I'll just head out. Don't know where� maybe we'll see each other again. Thank you for everything you've done for me.
834 You're looking a bit crowded, Boss. I'll just wait here for you until you've worked things out. Mom's cooking reminds me of my ex-wife� not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing�.
835 I would love to, Boss. It's just that you don't look like you have any more room. I'll just head over to Mom's. I haven't been there in a while. Just come get me if you find some room for me.
840 Ed's over at Vault City. He's a Brahmin Dealer. He was just one of my many suppliers. Vault City's not to far from here.
845 I told you, it's over here. [Vic points to a location on your PIPBoy2000.]
900 You learned about Vic being a trader.
1000 I need to ask you something.
1100 Fully healed, Boss. Anything else?
1200 Almost perfect condition, Boss.
1300 I'm mostly heled up, Boss, but I've been better.
1400 I tried, Boss, but I'm not doing so hot. I'll do what I can though.
1500 What ever you say, Boss.
1501 Here? Right here? Okay, you're the, Boss.
1502 Right. I'll stay here until you come back, Boss. You will come back, right?
1503 As long as you want. I'm not going anywhere.
1504 Of course, Boss.
1600 If you say so.
1601 Good call Boss.
1602 Great thinking, Boss.
1603 Sure, Boss. Anything else?
1604 Away it is, Boss.
1605 No problem, Boss.
1606 Done, Boss.
1700 Sure, Boss.
1701 Close it is, Boss.
1702 You know best, Boss.
1703 I'm right behind ya, Boss.
1704 Like glue, Boss.
1705 If you say so, Boss.
1706 Oh. Okay, Boss.
1800 OK, I'll keep my distance, but not to far, Boss.
1801 Okay, I won't, Boss.
1802 I'll just stay back a little then, Boss.
1803 Sure, Boss.
1900 Right Boss. I'll hang way back.
1901 What ever you say, Boss.
1902 There you go, Boss.
1903 Standing back, Boss.
1904 Backing away, Boss.
1905 Spreading out, Boss.
1906 Okay, Boss.
2000 Uh, Boss? You seem a bit crowded. I'll just keep waiting here for ya.
2100 You're scaring me, Boss. What's happened to you? You look... well, scary. I think I'll just hang out here for a while...
2200 You bet, Boss!
2201 Darn right I will, Boss.
2202 Sure thing, Boss.
2203 Ready to go when you are, Boss.
2204 Great! Let's go.
2205 Great!
2206 You're the best, Boss!
2207 You won't be disappointed. No more mistakes!
2208 I'll be careful this time, don't you worry!
2209 I knew you would forgive me for that� um. So, uh, Boss. What's the plan?
2210 I won't let you down, Boss!
2211 You're super, Boss!
2212 I knew I wasn't too old for this. Those were just bad odds! Right, Boss?
2300 From Ed. He's a brahmin dealer over in Vault City. You been there before? Let me show you on that map thing of yours.
2305 Vault City. Here. Let me show you on that fancy map thing of yours.
2310 He should be around here somewhere.
2311 Vault City. Check that fancy map thing of yours.
2403 Where did you get the Vault 13 water flask?
2404 Never mind.
2500 Sure, Boss.
2501 Ask anything, Boss.
2502 I'll help you if I can, Boss.
2503 I'm not in trouble am I, Boss?
2504 Did I do something wrong, Boss?
2505 Of course.
2600 What'll we do now, Boss?
2601 What's the plan, Boss?
2602 Doing my best, Boss.
2603 What can I do for you, Boss?
2604 Change of plans, Boss?
2605 Different strategy, Boss?
2700 Boss, they got me good. You've got to get me to a doctor. I don't know if I can back you up anymore.
2701 I need a doctor, Boss. I'm really messed up. I don't know if I can fight with you anymore.
2702 Boss, I'm really messed up. You got to get Lenny to check me out.
2800 Hey, Boss. You want me to join up with you know?
2801 Hey, Boss. I don't mind waiting for you. I'm a real patient man.
2802 We joining up again, Boss? I'll try harder.
2803 I was afraid you might not come back. It sure is nice to see you again, Boss.
2804 You looking for company again?
2805 I'm ready to go, Boss.
2806 I knew you wouldn't leave me.
2807 Need some back up?
2808 Need something repaired, don't you? I'm your man, Boss!
2809 Don't worry, Boss. Sulik and I'll get along, honest.
2810 Let's go.
2811 Stay here. I'll be right back.
2812 Me go.
3100 What? Uh� okay, Boss. If you say so.
3101 Can I put something else on, Boss? I'm a little worried.
3102 Okay� you're not going to leave me here� Are you, Boss?
3103 But� I mean� Of course, Boss. Coming right off.
3200 Well, Boss�. I'm pretty good with small arms. I can handle almost any rifle, shotgun, and most small-medium pistols. I 'can' use knives. I've also got a pretty good throwing arm, but my aim's not the best in the world� actually it's pretty horrible. Sorry, Boss. I'm really trying to get better.
3201 Like I said, Boss, I prefer small arms. I can handle almost any rifle, shotgun, and most of those small-medium pistols. If we're really in a pinch I can try using a knife or even thrown weapons.
3300 I 'can' use knives and I've got a pretty good throwing arm, but� my aim's not the best in the world. Actually it's pretty horrible. Sorry, Boss. I'm really trying to get better.
3301 Like I said, Boss. Knives and I've got pretty good throwing arm� I just miss a lot.
3400 I've had it up to here!
3401 I'm going to rip your darn head off! No one hurts my family!
4000 Over here?
4001 This better Boss?
4002 How 'bout here?
4003 Yes Boss.
4004 What?
4005 Where we going?
4006 We leaving Boss?
4007 I'm moving.
4008 Sorry Boss.
4009 Better?
4010 Ooof.
4011 How's this Boss?
4012 I'll stand over here.
4013 I'll just move over here now.
4100 Boss! I'm not doing so well here.
4101 I need a doctor.
4102 Oh, boy. This really hurts.
4103 Ow!
4104 Ouch.
4105 Dang it.
4106 Medic?
4107 I'm hanging in there� barely.
4200 I never liked this place.
4201 Why is this place so clean?
4202 Did you smell something, Boss?
4203 You know, Boss. I don't think I'll be coming back here when we're through. I can no longer call it home.
4204 It sure is a lot dirtier than I remember.
4205 We're not staying here long, are we Boss?
4206 This place'll never change.
4207 Boss, I'm not going to miss this place.
4208 Thanks again for getting me out of this place, Boss.
4209 I really owe you one, Boss.
4210 Wow, this place sure has changed.
4211 I haven't been here in ages.
4212 I'm going to retire here.
4213 I could open a repair shop around here.
4300 Ah, a site for sore eyes. This is� was my place, but I guess you knew that. Right, Boss?
4400 Sulik, don't you be looking at me like that.
4401 Boss, Sulik's glaring at me again.
4402 Nice pooch.
4500 La de da�
4501 Ho hum.
4502 Waiting for the Boss�.
4503 I'm waiting for the Boss.
4504 Just waiting.
4505 The Boss, sure wouldn't leave me behind�.
4506 Knock Knock� who's there� wait. How'd that go�.
4507 Still waiting.
4508 What's that smell?
4509 Anything to repair around here?
4510 Here I am� waiting for the Boss.
4511 An old man like me, wasting away his talents, just standing here.
4512 I sure wish I had a stick of gum� it's been decades.
4513 I need to get out of the relic business� nothing but trouble.

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