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100 You see a chem reliant.
110 You see a jet whore.
111 You see one of Tubby's jet whores.
150 He seems to be a friend of Tubby's.
160 She seems to be extremely doped up.
161 She seems to be suffering from massive withdrawals.
200 Oh, man. Where we going to get our shit now?
201 What'd ya kill Tubby for?
202 Oh man, that sucks.
203 Now what're we supposed to do?
204 Oh, man�
205 Hey, that's not fair.
206 Don't hurt us, we won't tell.
220 Wow, you look pretty mean.
221 Hey, you're a real nice guy. Anyone ever tell you that?
222 Hey, you're a real nice gal. Anyone ever tell you that?
223 We're Tubby's guards.
224 Don't mess with Tubby. This is his place.
225 Damn, I'm feeling good.
226 Can you believe we're guards? Cool, isn't it.
227 This shit is great.
228 Oh, man I can't feel my legs.
229 Tubby's our buddy.
230 Tubby keeps us happy.
231 Oh boy, oh boy oh boy� Damn my eyes.
232 Hey, man, you a slaver? Wow�
233 Did that tattoo hurt?
234 You slavers sure are tough.
235 Isn't it dangerous being a slaver?
236 Hey, I heard your boss got shot or something. Tough luck.
237 Hey, you hear? Metzger's dead or something.
238 Wow, someone diced the Metzger the Butcher.
239 Hope Tubby can stay in business with Metz gone.
250 Wow, man. He killed Tubby.
251 I think my shit went bad.
252 Woh, what's going on?
253 What was all that noise?
254 Dang, that was nasty shit.
255 Wow, man. She killed Tubby.
260 Ooooohhyaaa� Good stuff.
261 What's that?
262 Oh, yeah, I'm flying now.
263 Oh so warm.
264 She's so pretty.
265 Oh, blackout� Shit, I can't see.
270 Wow, you see that?
271 Yeah, you know what it was?
272 I think it was a bird.
273 No, a dog.
274 But it was flying man.
275 No way - it zoomed across the ground.
276 Yeah, you seeing things, man.
277 No way. That was real.
278 Whatever.
279 Ohhhh it's kicking in again. Ahh.
290 Pretty lights.
291 Lots of lights.
292 They're so warm.
293 And the trees.
294 Where are the women?
295 So green and pretty.
296 I like potatoes.
297 Trees are made of wood.
298 I like women and potatoes.
299 They make smoke when they burn.
300 But not together.
301 Animals live in trees.
302 No, not women and trees, women and potatoes.
303 I can climb a tree.
304 A woman climbing a tree eating potatoes? You're dumb.
305 Where do trees come from?
306 You can't climb a tree and eat potatoes.
307 I like bushes, too.
308 Well, not very easily.
309 Because they're green.
310 Potatoes aren't green.
311 Ohhh, the pretty lights.
312 Oh, my head hurts�
320 Don't talk to me, man. My head hurts.
321 I won't tell anyone.
322 Don't hurt me.
323 I didn't do anything.
324 I didn't see anything.
325 I didn't hear anything.
326 Please, just leave.
327 Lady, I don't feel much like talking. My fucking head is killing me.
340 Oh man, you suck.
341 What did you go and ruin a perfect high for?
342 Man, that hurt!
343 What the hell?
344 How's that going to happen?
400 Tubby's so wonderful.
401 Jet makes me so horny.
402 Tubby knows how to take care of his women!
403 Isn't Tubby wonderful?
404 Oh, baby- Wait! You ain't Tubby.
405 Where's our big man at?
406 Doesn't it just make your skin tingle?
407 Tubby has the best supply in town.
408 I feel so alive!
420 Did you hear a load bang?
421 Haven't seen Tubby in a while.
422 Where's Tubby?
423 You seen Tubby?
440 Oh, my head!
441 Where's Tubby! I think I'm going to die!
442 I can't take this much longer.
443 Oh, the pain is getting really bad.
444 Tubby hasn't given us any in a while. Where he at?
445 My lips are numb.
446 I can't feel my fingers.
460 Don't hurt me!
461 Please, don't!
462 I didn't take it!
463 It wasn't me!
464 Leave me alone!

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