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100 You see the shop owner.
101 You see Tubby.
150 This is the store owner.
151 This is Tubby, the shop store owner.
152 [TALK]
153 I would prefer that you take your business elsewhere.
154 You are a business man. Let�s conduct business.
155 Can I ask you something.
156 Bye.
157 I am so happy to see you again. What can I do for you today?
158 Let�s trade.
159 Can I ask you something?
160 Nothing for now. Bye.
161 Hello, sir, and welcome to Tubby�s. I am the proprietor. May I help you?
162 Yes, let�s trade.
163 I need some information.
164 Goodbye.
165 Hello, madam. I am called Tubby by my friends, and I welcome you to my store. How may I help you?
166 I want to buy some things.
167 I need some information.
168 Goodbye.
169 I would prefer that you leave, instead.
170 Bye.
171 What would you like to know?
172 Who�s in charge of this town?
173 Why is everyone selling chems?
174 Do you know where the Vault is located?
175 I would like to barter after all.
176 Never mind. Bye
177 Oh my. I can tell we will have a communication problem. Please nod if you would like to trade any goods.
178 [Nod]
179 Byebye.
180 No one, I�m afraid. The Den is an anarchistic place where a kind of Darwinian struggle is played out. Only the strongest, fastest or smartest will survive here. I�m sure you will find your niche.
181 Um, thanks.
182 OK. Chems are the basis for this town�s economic system, just as another town may use grain or gold.
183 Thanks.
184 I have heard of a place called Vault City. But unfortunately, I can't help you with directions. You see, very few of us towns can offer acceptable exchange for the medical services they provide, so most of us have never been there.
185 OK. Thanks.
186 That's not the kind of information I would just GIVE away to anyone.
187 Would a hundred bucks change your mind?
188 How about I give you $50 and you tell me.
189 What do you say you give me the information, or I give you a new hole in the head.
190 Nevermind.
191 Well, can I ask you something else, then?
192 Sure, that kind of money MIGHT help me change my mind. But you ain't got it!
193 I must have dropped it somewhere. I'm gonna go look for it.
194 I don't think that's going to be enough.
500 Sure Petey. I'll be there in a second.
501 Hold on, Petey!
502 I'm comin', I'm comin'.
510 Here you go, Petey.
511 You know, Petey, you should kick this shit.

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