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100 You see bar patron.
101 You see Stacy.
102 She seems to be a little sad.
103 Stop it!
104 How could you?
105 Get away from me!
106 Why?
107 Please stop!
108 You murderer!
109 Poor Mom! You'll pay for that!
110 Mom...
111 But she was so nice to everyone...
112 Sorry, can't think of anything else interesting.
113 My brains all dried up.
114 That's it.
115 Hi.
116 Have you said hi to Mom yet?
117 Oh, hi.
118 Oh, you again.
119 Tell me about your cat.
120 Why the glum flace?
121 You come here often?
122 I'll have to catch you later. Bye.
123 Okah?
124 Ug.
131 Please don't bother me. I'm really not in the mood right now.
132 Ugra.
133 Fegi.
134 Oh, nothing really. Just sometimes I get thinking about my mom and cat. I miss them so very much.
135 Cat?
136 Sorry to hear that. Bye.
137 Yeah, Cuddles. She was such a sweet cat. I really don't feel like talking about it... Well, unless you'd like to buy me a drink. That might help.
138 As I said, I would prefer not to talk about it right now. If you'd like to buy me a drink, it might loosen my tongue.
139 Of course I will. I'd love to hear about it.
140 Sure.
141 Sorry, I can't spare $10 right now.
142 Obviously.
143 Do you think you're funny or something? Get a better line.
144 So why the glum flace?
145 Whatever, bye.
146 I hear there used to be ones that were as big as you and me. They used to eat animals as big as a brahmin. Now that's scary stuff.
147 That's nothing.
148 Yeah, it is.
149 The kind I'm talking about is a small cute animal, bigger than a rat but smaller than a dog. Some are fluffy, like my Cuddles, but others have short hair.
150 Really?
151 They like to be pet like a dog does, but cats make this wonderful relaxing sound when you pet them.
152 Strange.
153 Cuddles always used to help me go to sleep at night. I think of her every night when I try to go to sleep.
154 Sounds nice.
155 Go on.
156 I had her when I was a kid, but she disappeared. I didn't know then what happened to her, I was too young.
157 Why?
158 Well, food was awfully scarce back then and people had to eat. It's quite sad really...
159 What?
160 People would hunt them because they were such easy prey. None of them are around anymore because of it.
161 Sick!
162 I can understand that.
163 Those were the wild ones, but I'm sure that's what happened to mine. Now I know why Mom always kept a close eye on her.
164 How sad.
165 I'm sorry.
166 Oh...
167 It makes me sad to think about it...
168 Bye.

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