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100 You see bar patron.
101 You see Leanne.
102 She's very beautiful, but seems to be lost in thought.
103 Stop it!
104 Why are you doing this?
105 Leave me alone!
106 Please stop!
107 You murderer!
108 How could you do that to Becky!
109 What did she do to you?
110 You'll rot in hell.
111 Sorry, all out of stories.
112 Thanks for the drink.
113 Pleasure talking to you.
114 Thanks for listening.
115 Nice to see you again.
116 Safe travels.
117 Why hello! Nice to see a new face around here. My name's Leanne. How are you, care to sit down?
118 Hello again. Doing well, I hope?
119 So, tell me what you know about the Master.
120 Great. How are things with you?
121 Pretty good.
122 Can't talk right now. Bye.
123 Igsby?
124 Bgy.
131 Oh, I'm sorry. I don't understand. Perhaps you shouldn't drink so much.
132 Ugra.
133 Fegi.
134 Oh, very good. Thanks for asking. Becky has such an interesting family history. Do you have one yourself?
135 Still doing good, thanks. Now where were we? I think you were talking about your family history?
136 Yes. I am the Chosen One. My ancestor saved the world from one called the Master.
137 Yeah. My ancestor supposedly saved the world from someone called the 'Master.'
138 I've got to go.
139 Uh, okay. Nice to meet you Chosen One... Actually. I've heard something about a master before...
140 How interesting. That reminds me of a story I heard a long time ago. Something about a master.
141 Really? What was it?
142 Tell me.
143 Oh, okay. Bye.
144 Well this might take a bit. Be a gentleman and buy me a drink, wouldn't you please? Not whiskey though, Nuka-Cola please.
145 Well this might take a bit. Be a doll and buy me a drink, wouldn't you please? Not whiskey though, Nuka-Cola please.
146 Shall we get started? I remember it quite well now.
147 Sure.
148 Sorry, I can't spare $5 right now.
149 Thanks. Now let's see... I remember my mom telling me about this huge migration that happened 70... or was it 80 years ago...
150 Please, go on.
151 Really big mutants with weapons as tall as you and me came from the south. Mom said it looked like a big migration of some sort.
152 How many?
153 Don't know, but there were multiple groups of them. Some would continue north, others headed east. No one knew where they were going.
154 Go on.
155 They were quite upset and seemed to be fleeing from something.
156 Really?
157 Yeah, there were also others in dirty, tattered purple robes... they kept babbling about how the Master was dead...
158 Interesting.
159 Some of them even committed suicide right here in town!
160 So?
161 Well don't you see. They were talking about the Master, the one your ancestor killed.
162 Thanks for the story.
163 Well, it's getting late. Bye.
164 My pleasure. Bye.
165 Bye.
166 Nevermind.

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