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100 You see a greasy old coot.
150 You see Smitty the mechanic and junkyard owner.
151 You see a greasy old coot with dirty work-clothes on.
200 You varmint! Git outta here before I hafta learn ya!
201 Git outta my place!
202 Git off my land!
203 Dang varmint, git outta here.
204 Go the hell away from me.
220 Hey, git off my land.
221 You there, dumbass, git outta here.
222 Git, go on, git!
223 I ain't got time for your type.
224 Sorry, I guess I don't speak idjit.
240 Hello there, young feller. What can old Smitty do ya for?
241 Hello there, cute-stuff. What can old Smitty do ya for?
242 Jumpin' jiminy, what can I do for ya now?
243 Hey there, I really enjoyed my meal from Mom's. Thanks. Now what can old Smitty do for ya?
244 I was just wondering what you do here?
245 Say, old timer, I have this thingy here that I picked up in Gecko�.
246 Hey Smitty, I was wondering about that car you had for sale.
247 I brought your meal from Mom's.
248 Say, old timer, I have this thingy here that I picked up in Klamath�.
249 I was just looking around a bit. See you later, Smitty.
260 Let old Smitty here take a look at it.
261 Sure, here it is.
262 On second thought, let me ask you about something else.
263 Maybe another time. Goodbye, Smitty.
280 Let old Smitty here take a look at it.
281 Sure, here it is.
282 On second thought, let me ask you about something else.
283 Maybe another time. Goodbye, Smitty.
300 Well now, that looks to me like it's an old fuel cell controller. Hmm, I bet if I used that with the old Highwayman I could get her purring like a kitten.
301 Huh?
310 Hmm, that looks jist like a fuel cell regulator. If I had a car that ran, it'd sure improve the mileage on it.
311 Huh?
320 That was mighty darn kind of you. Thanks mucho, compadre. Here's a little something for your trouble. It'll come in handy 'round these parts. (He hands you a Stimpack.)
321 Thanks, Smitty. No problem. See you around.
322 Well, uhhh... Thanks, but I already headed over to Mom's and got some eats myself, so I won't be needin' that anymore.
323 Oops, I'm not the usual delivery person. He called in sick today. Can I get some experience points anyway?
324 OK, sorry about the mixup. I hope Mom doesn't fire me! I really need this job.
325 You know we're not doing the free meal after 24 hours thing anymore, right?
326 Well, maybe I'll just eat it myself then.
327 Mom's not gonna be too happy with this.
330 Well, you see, I've got this car, a Chrysalis Motors Highwayman. She's a beaut, too. They used to say "Nothing can stop a Highwayman." Built tough, that's what they were.
331 Yeah, so what's that got to do with me?
340 Well, you see, I thought I needed a battery for the thing but all I really need is a fuel cell controller. Them things was always going bad on 'em.
341 Well, I've got one of those
350 That right? Here's the deal. You give me $2,000 and I'll sell you the car. Heck I'll even install the fuel cell controller for you. Should run good as new. I'll even charge it up with some extra micro fusion power cells I got.
351 That sounds good to me. Here's the money and the part.
352 I don't think I want to do that right now. Let me ask you about something else, Smitty.
353 Let me think about it. I'll see you around, Smitty.
370 Jist take it easy with her 'til she warms up, now.
371 OK, I will. Thanks, Smitty.
380 Well, a lot an' not so much at the same time.
381 Huh?
390 What I'm saying is that havin' a regulator is nice but you need to find a fuel cell controller.
391 Why's that?
400 'Cause if'n you had a controller, and $2,000, I could fix this here Chrysalis Motors Highwayman that I got here and you could drive around in style.
401 Really? Where can I find a fuel cell controller?
410 Now that's a silly question. Don't you think if I knew that then I'd be driving around in the car?
411 Wow. I'll have to look for one of those.
420 Be a good idea. If you find one jist come on back here with it. Oh, and don' forget the $2,000, neither.
421 Sounds like a plan, Smitty. Hey, let me ask you about something else.
422 I'm going to go look for one right now. Goodbye.
430 Hey there, how's that car runnin' for ya?
431 Pretty good, Smitty, but I found this part for the car and I don't know what to do with it.
432 Great, Smitty, just great. Hey, I brought you a meal. Compliments of Mom.
433 Real good, Smitty, real good. Thanks. See you around. Goodbye.
450 Well now, that's a fuel cell regulator. That'll give you better mileage per energy cell. I could put that in for you, if you had say $750 for my trouble.
451 That sounds like a deal, Smitty. Here's the part and the money.
452 I'll have to think about it, Smitty. Goodbye for now.
460 Mostly I just keep watch over all this old junk. Only got one thing worth doodly-squat.
461 What's that?
462 I figured that. Let me ask you something else.
470 Why, it's none other than this Chrysalis Motors Highwayman. They used ta say that "Nothing can stop a Highwayman." They shore built 'em tough, I'll say that for 'em.
471 Wow, does it run?
480 If'n it ran, do you think I'd still be in this shithole of a town?
481 Uh, yes.
482 I guess not.
490 Well, you're probably right. I got kinda settled in here.
491 I see.
500 Well, then again, mebbe' I would too. I got all comfortable here.
501 I understand.
510 I wouldn't mind selling the car though. If someone brought me the battery - no strike that, uh, I guess I'd need a fuel cell controller. Yeah, if'n I had one of them, I'd sell the car for $2,000. Even install the controller so it'd run right.
511 That sounds interesting. I'll have to come back if I ever find a fuel cell controller. Let me ask you something else right now.
512 When I find one, I'll be back. Goodbye, Smitty.
520 There you go. Better'n new. Take it easy with her now.
521 I will. Thanks, Smitty. Goodbye.
650 Don't let me catch you sneaking around my car like that again.
651 You won't.

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