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0 You see a slaver named Aidan.
100 You see a slaver.
150 He looks like he could easily take care of himself in a fight.
200 Ah, fresh meat.... Welcome ta the slaver's guild. The name's Aidan. Ya here on business? Ya better be.
201 What exactly does your guild do?
202 Slaver's guild?
203 Save guld?
204 Aruk kun sung?
215 [Aidan looks you up and down.] Well, ya look like you'd fit right in, buddy, but you'll have ta talk ta Metzger, of course. Right though that back door.
216 [Aidan looks you up and down.] You don't look like ya could stomach it, pal, but who am I ta judge? Ya gotta talk ta Metzger. He's through the back door.
217 I said ta talk ta Metzger. You fucking deaf and dumb or just dumb?
218 Who's Metzger?
219 Another question for you then.
220 Thanks, I will.
221 Medger
222 Uh� kay.
230 Now you die.
240 Ya gotta be shittin' me! We capture and sell slaves. That's what yer here for, right? Ya looking for some action?
241 Ya gotta be shittin' me! We capture and sell slaves. If ya ain't here for that, whatta want?
242 So, ya joined up. This should be interesting. If you like action, yer in the right line of work. If ya don't, ya won't last long.
243 I never thought I would see that tat on woman. It looks good though. Surprised Metzger... fuck it. So what do ya need?
244 What do ya want? Ya lost or somethin'?
245 Hello again. li'l lady. Whatcha need?
246 What?
247 I'm looking to join.
248 Where do you get your slaves?
249 I'd like to buy some slaves.
250 Do you know a man named Vic?
251 I'm looking for a Merchant.
252 You ever heard of Vault 13?
253 Bye.
254 Work.
255 Food.
256 Kill.
257 Ug.
270 Ah, a bloodthirsty one. Well... Talk to the boss. We might have a place for ya. Go through the back door.
271 Metzger's never had a bitch slaver, but if you're really that bloodthirsty, check with him. He's right through that door.
272 Okke.
273 Uh.
274 Krook
280 Talk ta Metzger about that. He doesn't normally sell to the public. Has his hands full with... bigger customers.
281 Who's Metzger?
282 Can I ask something else then?
283 Okay, bye.
284 What about Vic?
290 Ya don't say. Beat it!
291 Dumb bitch.
292 Oook?
293 Hmph.
300 Not likely. That dumbass Vic pissed Metzger off about some radio or something. I doubt that he'd sell'm. You'll have to talk ta him yourself.
301 Well, I hear he finally fixed the radio. You should ask Metzger. He's not much use now, not very good trade quality.
302 Who's Metzger?
303 Where's Metzger at?
304 Okay, thanks. Bye.
310 He's in the back room right through the door over there.
311 You playing with me? He's right back there. Just go through that door.
312 Okay.
313 Thanks.
320 Damn, you don't know Metzger? What're ya doin' in this town, if not ta see him? He's the head of the Slaver's Guild.
321 How many times do I have to tell ya? He's the slave master. He runs things in this town.
322 Can I ask you something else?
323 Okay, thanks.
330 I ain't talkin' about that. Metzger'll string me up. Plus, we wouldn't want any outside competition.
331 I already said. I ain't gonna talk about that.
332 Tell me before I blow a hole through your head.
333 I understand. Another question?
334 Okay, bye.
340 Listen here, ya li'le shit head, don't you dare threaten me or any one else in our guild, or you're dead. Get that? Dead.
341 Listen here, ya li'l cunt. Don't you dare threaten me or any one else in our guild, or your dead. Get that? Dead.
342 Now, young jet eye, you will die.
343 Screw you.
344 Sorry, please don't hurt me.
345 Yeah, whatever. I'll let you live this time.
350 Oh, really? Maybe I should just blow a whole through your head right here 'n now. What do you think, hot shot?
351 Take your best shot.
352 Don't make me laugh.
353 I was just joking, man.
354 I'm sorry. I was just trying to impress you.
360 Run along, before I change m'mind.
361 Okay.
370 What? Oh, you must be looking for Mom's. You're one building off. She's in the building directly south. S-o-u-t-h. That way. [Aidan points out the door.]
371 Huh? Uh� Oh.
380 Ya look like ya might fit in, but Metzger's never hired a woman. Not sure why, but I doubt he's gonna start now.
381 Ya don't look the type. Hell, Metzger's never hired a woman before. Not sure why, but I doubt he's starting now.
382 I said ta talk ta Metzger.
383 Who's Metzger?
384 Another question.
385 Thanks, I will.
386 Medger
387 Uh� kay.
400 Nope, but I'd check with the boss. He's probably been all over the fuckin' place.
401 Another question.
402 Okay, thanks. Bye.
410 Merchant? Oh, you must mean Vic, that guy that sells the old Vault stuff. He's fucked. Metzger pretty pissed with'm.
411 Yeah, Vic� that Merchant guy, right? The one that sells the old Vault stuff. He's fucked. Metzger pretty pissed with'm.
412 How many times you gonna ask me that? Metzger's got'm.
413 Who's Metzger?
414 Can I ask another question?
415 Is he for sale?
416 Okay, thanks.
430 Hey, boys, look who's back.
431 Run, it's a slaver! Ah, I crack m'self up.
432 Back for some action?
433 You know the way.
434 Go on in.
435 He's wait'n for ya.
436 Now what?
437 I know that ugly face.
438 How's it goin'?
439 Yer back. Ya gonna join up?

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