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100 You see a slaver.
150 He seems to be one of Metzger's personal guards.
200 There you are.
201 Now you die.
300 You want to see the boss? Go right in.
301 Metzger's the man to talk to, not me.
302 Go on in.
303 Behave yourself.
304 Metzger's right through this door.
305 Don't piss Metzger off.
306 We're not selling if that's what you're here for.
307 Still can't get used to a woman slaver.
308 Nice to have you with us.
309 Hi. How's it going?
310 You club any slaves yet?
311 Hi again.
312 Going to go on another run?
313 Things are pretty calm.
314 When am I going to see some action?
315 I miss going on slave runs. Guarding sucks.
316 Slave runs are a blast.

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