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100 You see a big, primitive-looking man.
125 He has cuts and bruises all over his body.
150 You see a slender, primitive woman.
175 She looks like she's been beaten.
200 You see a ragged-looking man.
225 He doesn't look very healthy.
250 You see a woman captive.
275 She's filthy and seems to be malnourished.
300 No hurt, please!
301 We leave now?
302 No talk. Must run.
303 Thank you for help.
304 Thank you very much!
305 You are a saint.
306 What are you doing? We should go.
307 Please help us escape.
320 You bad!
321 We no talk you.
322 We get free.
323 You no keep us.
324 You slaver!
325 Why you slavers do this?
326 How could you work for these people?
327 We're not primitives!
328 Don't you have any morals?
329 What's going to happen to us?
330 What did we do wrong?
331 Leave us alone, slaver!
332 Don't hurt me!
333 Get away from me!
350 Who you?
351 You no slaver.
352 You no hurt?
353 Friend?
354 You help?
355 What's going to happen to us?
356 Were you captured too?
357 We're not primitives!
358 Who do these people think they are?
359 Please help us!
360 Get me out of here.
380 You no keep us here!
381 No right!
382 We no bad!
383 We help?
384 Free us!
385 No like.
386 Bad place.
387 Why bad people do this?
388 We no slave!
389 We do nothing wrong.
390 Let go!
391 What go on?
392 Big noise?
393 Who fight?
394 What happen?
395 Something happen?
396 Someone help us!
397 Hey! Can't anyone hear me?
398 This is wrong!
399 We didn't do anything!
400 Let us out of here!
401 Someone get us out!
402 What did we do?
403 We didn't do anything.
404 We don't deserve this.
405 Those bastards!
406 Help us!
407 Let me out!
408 We're not slaves!
409 We're not primitives! Let us out of here!
410 What's happening?
411 Is someone here to save us?
412 Over here!
413 Help! Don't leave us!
414 What was all that shooting?
415 What's going on?
420 Ahhh!
421 Ug!
422 Don't stop!
423 Yes!
424 I'm heading as far away from this place as possible.
425 Keep moving!
426 Freedom! Freedom at last!
440 What loud gun noise? What you want?
441 Hey! What was all that gunfire? Are the slavers dead?
442 Hey! What was all that gunfire? What's going on?
443 That was Metzger's nightcap.
444 Oh, nothing. Just checking up on you. Bye.
445 You are free to go. Metzger's dead.
446 You free.
447 friend. He kill Mezgur. You go now.
448 friend. She kill Mezgur. You go now.
460 He dead? Me thank you! We leave fast. Bye. You friend.
461 What? Metzger's dead? Oh, thank you so much! We better leave before others show up. Thank you again.
462 You're welcome. Now get out of here.
463 Take care.
464 You're welcome.
480 What you want?
481 What do you want?
482 Oh, nothing.
500 Huh?
501 Never mind. You're free to go. Metzger's dead.
510 Wha? Free? Bad men gone? We go now! Thank you. You friend! Bye!
511 Free? What? You killed them all? Thank you so much! We'd better leave while we still can. Thank you again, you're a saint!
520 Damn you!
521 Rot in hell!
522 You'll pay for this.
523 Why are you even talking to me?
524 Leave me alone.
525 I don't want to talk to you.
526 How could you?!
527 I don't ever want to see you again.
528 This isn't going to change things.
529 I'll be on my way, if you don't mind.
530 Please, just let me leave.
531 Just let me be on my way.
532 I still don't want to talk to you.
533 Leave me alone.
534 No chance.
535 You think this makes things better?
600 We go?
601 No hurt?
602 Go!
603 Home!
604 Free?
605 Huh?
606 What?
607 Did you say free?
608 I'm out of here!
609 Let's go!
610 Everyone! We're free!
611 Yaaahooo!

And that was without even a single drop of rum.

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