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100 You see a big, primitive-looking man.
101 You see a slender primitive woman.
200 You see a strange-looking man.
201 You see a ragged-looking man.
202 You see a man in tattered clothing.
210 You see a very grimy woman.
211 You see a rather dirty woman.
212 You see a scrawny looking woman.
270 They no find me.
271 Must hide. Must hide.
272 Why they want hurt?
273 Me scared.
274 Me no fight.
275 Me want live.
276 No hurt family.
280 Oh, shit!
281 Why are they doing this?
282 What about my family?
283 I don't want to die.
284 I don't want to be a slave.
285 I deserve better than this.
300 Ahhh!
301 No kill! No kill!
302 Stop!
303 Heeeelp!
304 Run!
305 Leave alone!
306 Don't hurt!
307 No hurt you!
308 I don't fight!
350 Run for your lives!
351 Don't let them catch you!
352 Slavers! Run for it!
353 Help, someone! Please!
354 Run for it, Marty!
355 Ahhh!
356 Stop the insanity!
357 We didn't do anything! Leave us alone!
358 I recognize that tattoo!
359 No, please!
360 Please don't kill me!
361 I won't fight; don't kill me!
362 Please, I don't want to die!

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