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100 You see a tough, middle aged slaver.
101 You see slaver with a large scar on his face.
102 You see a rather large slaver.
150 There's a slaver who seems to enjoy his work.
151 This slaver seems to be very strong but not to bright.
152 This slaver seems to be well-armed, like the others.
225 Let's get em.
226 Only kill the hostile ones.
227 Lead the way; we're right behind you.
228 Only take out the hostile ones- the others are our pay.
229 I'm ready to split some heads.
230 Where they at? You see em?
235 It's not time to leave yet.
236 Get the last of the hostile ones.
237 Leave the unarmed ones alone. Get the others.
238 There's still some more bloodshed waiting for us.
245 That was a horrible run.
246 This was hardly worth it. We didn't get shit.
247 Next time, only take out the hostile ones. This isn't all fun and games.
248 Metzger's going to be pissed.
255 Not bad -- but next time, leave the unarmed ones alone if you want us to get paid.
256 That wasn't that bad. We got some decent slaves out of this.
257 I've seen better, but at least we'll get paid.
265 Hey, we did pretty good. We almost got them all.
266 Thanks for your help.
267 Good job. The pay for this run should be nice.
268 That was fun and we should get a good cash out.
275 We kicked some serious ass. Metzger better give us a big bonus.
276 That was perfect! I'm going to get so shit-faced tonight.
277 Fuck'n A. We kicked ass.
278 That's the way to do it!
285 Where they at?
286 I'm gonna get me some lovin'.
287 I bet I'll get more kills than you this time.
288 Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
295 The rest of you are dead; you just don't know it yet.
296 You can't hide from us!
297 Come out, or I'll blow your fucking head off.
298 Ah, that was good! Where are the rest of them?
305 Shit.
306 That sucked.
307 Damn it.
308 We better not do that again.
309 Fuck... and I was going to drink up tonight.
310 Let's just get out of here. This fucking sucks.
320 Not bad.
321 Hope we got enough. I need to replenish my jet supply.
322 Let's go.
323 I've seen better, but money's money.
324 Metzger should be fine with these.
325 Pretty good.
326 Hurry up. Let's beat it.
327 This should do just fine.
328 Nice haul.
329 Let's go. I want my money.
335 Bonus time!
336 Kickass.
337 Round them up and let's get going.
338 Stop fuck'n around. Let's go.

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