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15 Results For DCREBGRD.MSG
100 You see a guard.
101 You see a guard for Becky's Casino Bar.
150 He seems to be eyeing the crowd for thieves.
151 She seems to be keeping a close eye on everyone in the room.
200 Now you'll get it.
201 You're not getting away this time.
210 Sorry, Becky doesn't want us disturbing the customers.
211 Hope you're enjoying yourself.
212 Rest assured, we have a zero tolerance policy for thievery.
213 You're safe inside these walls.
214 Rebecca has the best drinks.
215 Rebecca's the best boss I've ever had.
216 You feeling lucky tonight? Blackjack's my game.
217 Becky's right over there, if you need anything.
218 Rebecca's tables are honest, so try your luck.

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