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100 You see a very attractive young lady.
101 You see Rebecca.
150 You see Rebecca, the owner of Becky's Casino Bar.
200 Hi there, I'm Rebecca. Can I get you something to drink? I'm sure you're thirsty after your trip through the wastes.
201 Hey! You want a drink or did you just come back to say hi?
202 Hi! Glad you came back. Any questions or are you here for some fine whiskey?
203 Really glad to see you. What's up? Need something?
204 Hope everything's going well for my favorite customer! What can we do for you today?
205 Hello!
206 Always nice to see you again.
207 Hi! You care for a drink? Finest whiskey in the land!
208 Hi there!
209 It's you! I thought so. How about a drink, my honey?
210 You back for some of Rebecca's great entertainment or the world famous whiskey?
211 Welcome back to Rebecca's Bar and Casino. How can I help you?
212 Hello. How can we help you?
213 Something for you today? How about a drink?
214 Would you care for a drink today, or perhaps something else?
215 How can I be of service?
216 Greetings. What can we get you?
217 Need something?
218 Nice to see you again. How can I help you today?
219 What?
220 Yes?
221 Now what?
222 Please keep it short. It's a busy day. What do you need?
223 What can I do for you? I'm really busy.
224 You here for a drink? The tables are over there.
225 I'm really not in the mood. What now?
226 You're back already? I guess you want a drink then?
240 Sure, handsome.
241 What would you like to know?
242 I'd be happy to.
243 But of course.
244 Sure.
245 I don't mind.
246 I'll help if I can.
247 Of course, don't be silly.
248 Anything. Now what was it?
249 I'll do my best to help you out. What did you need to know?
250 Ask away.
251 If you insist.
252 I guess so.
253 Let's keep it short. I have a business to run.
254 Well, okay. What is it?
255 I suppose.
256 What?
257 No, sorry.
258 Not right now.
270 I need a drink.
271 I'm looking for a merchant who sells Vault equipment.
272 I'm looking for a merchant named Vic.
273 Do you have any work?
274 About that job...
275 Any more work for me?
276 Nothing. Bye.
277 Wekee.
278 Ruh ruh?
279 Iho shasha.
280 dy.
281 Ruh ruh?
300 Whiskey is my specialty. It's almost a tradition in the Dyer family. I charge the low, low price of only $5.
301 Drinks are still $5, and the Dyer family makes the best darn drinks in the whole world.
302 You okay? You want whiskey? Only $5.
303 I'll take a drink.
304 Why are your drinks so cheap?
305 Dyer?
306 Can I ask a question?
307 Bye.
308 Wekee
309 Urka.
320 Oh, that's the family name. The name Dyer has been in the bar business for a long time - prewar times, of course.
321 As I said, it's my family name. There used to be Dyer pubs, saloons or something, all over the world.
322 I'll take a drink.
323 Can I ask another question?
324 Bye.
330 Well, since you're such a good customer, I'll let you in on a little secret. It's simple really - I have a still. A friend from a nearby town taught me how to make one. So, would you like another one?
331 Sorry, it's a trade secret. Plus, I don't really know you that well. I wouldn't want Frankie finding out. He's enough trouble as it is. Did you still want one? They really hit the spot.
332 Sure. I'll have one.
333 Can I ask another question?
334 Okay, thanks.
340 There you are. Thank you very much.
341 Thanks. Can I ask you a question?
342 Okay, thanks.
343 Thankey youey.
344 Nopey nopey.
350 Sorry. I don't think so.
351 Fred owes me $200. If you can collect it somehow, we'll work something out.
352 I still have that debt I need collected.
353 Derek borrowed a book of mine a while back. I'll pay $80 if you can get it back for me.
354 I'm still looking for that book of mine.
355 What's the catch?
356 Tell me more.
357 Can I ask you a question?
358 Bye.
370 Catch? Oh, well, if you knew Fred you'd understand. He's owed me the money for quite a long time. I'd written it off as a loss, but if you can get it back, I'd be amazed� and grateful. He's somewhere in town, I'm sure.
371 The book was The Lavender Flower. Derek should be over around Mom's on the east side.
372 I'll see what I can do.
373 Sure sounds easy.
374 I already found it.
375 I'll have to get back to you.
385 You didn't really get it did you? I'd be amazed.
386 Oh, did you find my book? Derek better not have messed it up.
387 Yes, I did.
388 I'm sorry. He's dead.
389 Sorry, but Derek's also dead.
390 I'm sorry, but he's dead.
391 Yes. Here it is.
392 No, sorry.
400 I can't believe it. How did you do it? Oh, never mind. I'm just stunned, that's all. To show my appreciation, I'll split it with you, right down the middle. Thank you again, that was very honest of you.
401 Oh, I'm so glad you were able to find it� Thank you very much. Here's your money.
402 You're welcome.
410 I can't believe they are both dead. I'm sorry. Thank you for finding out for me. If you'll excuse me�
411 I can't believe he's dead� after all these years.
412 Sure.
420 Yeah, I know who that is. That's Vic - the guy Metzger has locked up.
421 Yeah, I know Vic. Metzger's got him locked up. I'm not sure why though.
422 Who's Metzger?
423 I have another question.
424 Great! Bye.
430 You came to the Den and you don't know who Metzger is? He's the slave master. He's on the east side of town. Hard to miss.
431 I have another question.
432 Thanks.
440 Murderer!
441 Childkiller!
442 Please leave.
443 I won't deal with the likes of you.
444 I'm not going down without a fight!
450 Buffy! It's you! How are you? It's been a long time!
451 Huh?
452 Huh?
460 Dave sends his best and wishes he could be here to say hi, but he had to run off.
461 Where to?
470 Something about a commando� or that he was going after a commando. Not sure exactly. Something like that.
471 Oh.
480 Oh, he said to give you this. It's a present from the Hendee family. It should help you out some.
481 What is it?
490 Oh, just a few trinkets. Here you go. [Becky hands you $1000, 5 Stimpaks, Metal Armor, an Uzi, 5 clips of ammo, a Plasma Grenade, and flower]
491 Thanks!
500 No problem. I was just holding them for you. Well, I better get back to work.
501 Thanks, bye.
510 Didn't you hear! He's dead! Oh, I know I shouldn't be happy, but he was a very evil man.
511 He sure put up a good fight.
512 I have a question.
513 Yes, hHe was. Goodbye.
514 kill!
520 What? You? I� don't know what to say. He was such an evil man�
521 A thank you would be enough.
522 Humph.
530 Oh, a thank you would be enough. I know this isn't right but� here, take this money. [Becky gives you 1000 dollars]
531 Keep your money, Rebecca.
532 Thank you very much.
533 Tank!
534 Ug! Perdy lady.
540 You are wonderful man. Even though I don't condone your actions. You did the world a great service.
541 You are wonderful woman. Even though I don't condone your actions. You did the world a great service.
542 Thanks.
550 You are not welcome here. Please leave.
551 Please leave.
560 Why did you destroy my still? What did I ever do to you?
561 I was paid to do it.
562 I don't have to answer to anyone.
563 I don't know what you're talking about.
564 Whatever.
565 Ooba gooba.
570 Oh really? That sleaze Frankie put you up to it, I'm sure of it. I'll just make another one, you know.
571 Doesn't matter. I got paid.
572 So.
573 I wouldn't be surprised.
580 So, you're a coward too? Figures.

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