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100 You see a guard.
101 You see a guard for Becky's Casino Bar.
150 He seems to be keeping a close eye on this door.
200 You're not getting off that easy.
210 This is to Rebecca's room. No one's allowed in.
211 Hope you're enjoying yourself.
212 You looking for Becky? She's right there.
213 Hi.
214 Enjoy the tables.
215 Becky's got the cheapest drinks in town.
230 Get away from that right now.
231 Don't touch that again.
232 Back off!
233 Leave that alone.
234 What do you think you're doing?
240 Thief!
250 We don't tolerate that here.
300 Baby, you up for something after work?
301 You're looking fine, as always.
302 You really know how to run the table, baby.
303 Hey honey, can you pick up those dice again? I love the way you move.
304 Hey. How's it going, sweetness?
305 So... you and me... after work?
306 Becky might give me tomorrow off if you're... available.
307 I ever tell you what beautiful eyes you have?
350 You ignoring me again. Two can play that game.
351 What? You still pissed at me?
352 You're, uh, doing a good job... continue with your work...
353 What? You ignoring me again?
354 You're busy... I understand. We'll chat later.
355 Man, you sure know how to play hard to get.
356 I'll... uh, talk to you later then.
357 Nice talking to you too... I'll just be heading back over there then.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was DEATH, and Hell followed with him.

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