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100 You see a chem reliant.
101 You see Petey.
150 This here is a poor chem reliant.
151 Petey here looks like he could use some help.
152 [talk]
155 [cough, cough] Any spare change for Petey?
156 Sure, here ya go.
157 No, get away from me.
158 Peewee?
159 You're worse off than me. [cough] Thanks anyway.
160 Sorry; bye.
161 Duh, you are welcome, uh-huh, yeah.
162 Maybe next time. Thank you anyway. [cough]
163 [done]
164 Thank you so much. [cough] So, so, so very much.
165 You�re welcome.
166 Yeah, yeah.
167 Sir, [cough] can you help a poor man down on his luck?
168 Here�s $5.
169 Not today.
170 Get a job.
171 Kind lady, please help [cough] a poor, starving man who is [cough] too sick to work.
172 You poor thing, here�s $5.
173 I make a point of not giving money to panhandlers.
174 No.
200 Hey, man; give me some money?
201 Spare some change, kind sir?
202 Hey, can you help me with a few bucks?
203 Do you think you can help me out with a coupla dollars?
204 Do you think you could lend me a few bucks?
205 Spare some change, kind lady?
206 Hey, lady; spare some money?
220 Please help me, sir.
221 Ahhh, it hurts.
222 I need help. It hurts bad.
223 Lady, can you get me some help?
225 I greatly appreciate that.
226 Hey, what do you think you're doing?
230 Feels so good.
231 Uhhh...
232 [giggle]
233 Hey...
300 Ahhh, someone fucking killed Tubby?
301 What the fuck happened to Tubby?
302 Oh shit, Tubby's...
303 Ahhh...
304 Didn't like that asshole anyway.
305 Flick's dead? Crap.
306 What happened to Flick?
307 Flick...
310 Hey Tubby, I, Uhhh, need some help here.
312 Hello.
313 HEY!
314 Hey Flick, I, Uhhh, need some help here.
320 Hey Tubby, can you hook me up? I've got cash.
321 Ummm, Tubby, I've got some money.
322 Uhhh...
323 I need a fix man.
324 Hey, Flick; can you hook me up? I've got cash.
325 Ummm, Flick, I've got some money.
330 Uhhh... Thanks again, Tubby.
331 You're a pal, Tubby.
332 I promise. I'm gonna kick tomorrow.
333 You're a pal.
334 Uhhh... Thanks again, Flick.

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