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100 You see a slaver.
150 He seems to be very alert.
200 Touch that again and you'll loose a limb.
201 That's it!
210 Nothing but the slaves are back there.
211 The slaves don't get visitors.
212 Only guild members through this door.
213 You lookin' for a slave? Talk to Metzger.
214 Talk to Metzger. Slave pens are off limits.
215 What are you wandering around here for? Beat it.
216 Beat it, bitch. Slaves get no visitors.
230 How's it going, buddy?
231 Little slow today.
232 Hope you're liking the guild.
233 Your tat came out well.
234 Did you go on that last run?
235 Hi.
236 You're my kind of lady.
237 A female slaver - got to respect that.
238 Hi there.

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