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100 You see a child.
150 You see a small orphan child.
200 Spare change?
201 What?
202 I'm not doin' anythin'!
210 This is Tubby's place.
211 Tubby sells bad things.
212 Tubby's not very nice.
213 Tubby smells funny.
220 This is Flick's shop.
221 Flick is nice.
222 Flick sells a lot of different stuff.
223 Don't forget to say hi to Flick.
230 This is Frankie's place.
231 You a friend of Frankie?
232 This place smells yucky.
233 Frankie's drinks are expensive� so I hear.
240 Becky's so nice.
241 This is Rebecca's place.
242 Becky has the best prices on drinks� so I've heard.
243 Rebecca won't let me play her games.
244 Becky's so pretty.
245 Have you met Rebecca? I wish she was my mom.
250 Hey, lady, got any spare change?
251 Hey, mister, got any spare change?
270 You just gonna stand there or go in?
271 Hi.
272 I'm hungry.
273 Hey, you! Tubby's is always open. Come on over.
280 You goin' in or what??
281 Come check Flicks' place out.
282 Hi.
283 Hey, you over there! Check out Flick's shop.
290 Well, you goin' in?
291 Hi.
292 Don't do that.
293 Hey! Frankie's got great stuff.
300 You should go in, Beck's very nice.
301 I'm keepin' watch.
302 Wow, you're pretty.
303 Hi.
304 What's your name?
305 Becky would like you.
306 Hey! Come check out Becky's.
310 Ahhhh! Leave me alone.
311 Help, I'm being repressed!
312 Now we see the violence inherent in the system.
313 I didn't do nuthin'
314 Ahhhh!
315 Missed me.
316 You're it.
317 Don't!
318 Stop it.

So get comfortable while I warm up the neurotoxin emitters.

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