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100 You see a mean looking man.
101 You see Metzger, the slaver master.
150 Metzger's the head of the Slaver's Guild.
200 You'll pay for that.
210 What the fuck do you want? This is the Slaver's Guild not some safe house for you fucking jet heads.
211 What the hell do you want, you ugly bitch? This is the Slaver's Guild not some fucking whorehouse.
212 What the hell do you want, bitch? This is the Slaver's Guild not some fucking whorehouse.
213 You're starting to piss me off. What the hell do you want now?
214 Now what, damn it?
215 What?
216 Oh, you better make it quick.
217 You here to work for a fucking change?
218 I'm starting to get used to your ugly mug. So... are you here for a reason or what?
219 Do I look like your fucking dad or something? I sure as hell hope not. Now spit it out, what do you want?
220 Oh, look who's here. You think you're special or something? Speak up or get the fuck out.
221 What do you want now, slaver?
222 You just going to stand there or are you going to say something?
223 Speak up. I don't have all day for this crap.
230 Oh, and 'who' would that be? I hope you don't plan on seeing this person again...
231 You don't have anyone that I'm interested in. I'm only interested in people - normal ones, that is.
232 You fucking moron, what do you think I am, a fucking store or something? If you get a slave you'd like to sell, let me know. If you want to sell something else, go to a fucking store.
233 Miria
234 Davin
235 Vic
236 Myron
237 MacRae
238 Sulik
239 Can I ask you another question instead?
240 I changed my mind. Bye.
245 Go ahead.
246 Yeah?
247 I'm not your fucking servant, so hurry it up.
248 What is it? I don't have all day.
249 Shoot.
250 Maybe.
255 I have something I'd like to sell.
256 About Vic�
257 I'm looking for a merchant.
258 Lara wanted me to ask you for permission to fight Tyler.
259 Can I join the guild?
260 What can you tell me about your guild?
261 I'd like to go on a slave run.
262 Never mind. Bye.
263 want to ill.
264 Na.
270 You think you can cut it? I don't take in just anyone... What the hell. If you fuck up, I'll sell you off. You'll have to get a tattoo on your forehead identifying you as a slaver to everyone. It's permanent, so no second thoughts.
271 So, our delicate little flower girl returns� You changed your mind then? Going to get that tat after all?
272 Yeah, you might do... You don't need much in the way of brains to go on a run. If you fuck up, I'll just sell you off. If you think you can cut it you'll have to get a tattoo on your forehead identifying you to everyone as slaver.
273 Let's do it.
274 I have to think about it. I'll get back to you.
275 Maybe not. Bye.
276 Uya! [nod]
277 No no no no no!
285 What do you fucking think? This is a slaving guild. I buy and sell slaves.
286 Where do you get the slaves?
287 I'd like to join.
288 Another question please.
289 Oh, okay. Bye.
300 Oh, here and there. We mainly collect primitives and nomads when we run across them.
301 Sounds like fun. How can I get in on that?
302 I have another question.
303 Oh, okay. Bye.
310 What do you know, you didn't even cry. I'm so proud of you... actually, that tat looks pretty good on you. Just give a holler when you're ready for your first slave run.
311 Thanks. Bye.
312 I'm ready right now.
313 Me Kill NOW!
314 Okey-Dokey
320 Two of my men will get you fairly close to your targets. Your pay will be based on the number of the slaves you return, but watch each other's backs. If anyone gets killed, your pay will be severely cut.
321 Damn, we're all farmed out. Have to wait for some primitives to move back into the area. Maybe we should start breeding them.
322 Sorry, you're just not working out. Too many losses and this is a business. I need to make money, not lose it.
323 All right. They're ready.
324 Good, you can leave now.
325 Get a move on it then.
326 Good. See me when you're done.
327 Okay.
328 Uh.
340 Just kill all the hostile ones. If they attack you, kill them. I don't want to deal with them anymore, too big of a fucking hassle. Once you're done, the other slavers will round up and tag the rest.
341 Okay.
342 Oh.
350 Once they start tagging the slaves, you can head back if you like. It takes special training, so don't try to subdue the others yourself. You can do whatever you want just as long as you don't damage the goods.
351 All right.
352 Uh huh.
360 Ah, yeah. She's pretty nice. I'll give you $
361 He's okay. I could probably take him off your hands for, oh, say $
362 You fucking idiot. What the hell makes you think I want that moron back? It took him forever to fix a damn radio! A radio! You're stuck with him. I don't want him breaking anything else around here.
363 I don't know this one's pretty skinny... but a smart one? That might be worth something. I'll give you $
364 This one looks like he could really put up a fight. Hmm� $
365 Another primitive. This one's a freak show. Still, he looks strong and that look might fetch something extra. $
366 How about someone else?
367 Well, let me ask you another question then
368 Okay.
369 Fine.
370 Okay.
371 Not worth it.
372 No.
380 All right, boys, put him in the pens.
381 All right, boys, put her in the pens.
382 Right, boss.
390 Well don't waste my fucking time then. If you ever get something you're looking to part with, come see me.
391 I've got another question for you.
392 Okay. Bye.
400 What the hell crawled up her ass all of a sudden? I gave that bitch a chance a while back. Didn't think she had the balls to try this.
401 What are you talking about?
402 So it's okay?
410 Oh, don't play coy with me. I know exactly what she's planning to do. I gave her a chance a while back and she couldn't cut it, but if she thinks she's up to it...
411 So, it's okay?
420 Well, I did say the offer would remain open. If she finally thinks she can kick his ass and is better able to guard my shit...
421 Well?
422 So, that's a yes?
430 Look, I don't give a shit which of them guards it. Just as long as none of my goods are damaged, I don't care.
431 Another question, please.
432 Okay, thanks.
440 What the fuck are you asking me for? Do I look like some kind of fucking� oh, wait. You're probably looking for Vic?
441 He's the one that 'specializes' in vault technology, or so he says. He's my property now. He's not going anywhere.
442 What about him?
443 Yeah, that's him.
444 Can I see him?
445 Why are you keeping him here?
446 Okay, thanks. Bye.
455 That little fuck - he sold me a radio that he said would be able to pick up some transmissions. It didn't. I caught his ass trying to sneak out of town before I found out. Bad mistake. No one fucks with me. He's lucky to be alive.
456 Like I said. He needs to fix something first. After that we'll see.
457 Well he's finally gotten that damn radio to work, but it doesn't mean I'm going to let him off that easy.
458 He still tried to screw me over.
459 Can I see him?
460 What kind transmissions are you talking about?
461 Okay, thanks.
462 Maybe some money might help clear things up?
463 What kind transmissions were you talking about before?
475 What for? Ah, fuck, never mind. Just don't keep him from fixing that damn radio - and he better fix it soon. I'm sick of feeding his lazy ass.
476 Why are you keeping him here?
477 Thanks.
485 The Enclave and New� hey. What the hell you care for? It's business. I need to be sure no one's trying to fuck me over. That's all you need to know.
486 Mind your own business.
487 Okay.
495 Sure, but it'll cost you $
496 $
497 Can't we work something out?
498 Okay. Here.
499 Can I ask you some more questions first.
500 Sorry, can't afford that yet.
510 Okay, he's yours, but get his ass out of here before I change my mind and put a bullet in that stupid fucking head of his.
511 Can I ask you some more questions first?
512 Thank you.
520 Oh, yes. We can work everything out nice and smooth... I'll give you half off if you make it worth my while...
521 You had best stop teasing me, girly. I'm not much with patience.
522 Only if you're good to me.
523 Sure, why not.
524 Maybe later.
530 Oh, you better believe it.
531 Good.
540 Here's $
541 Here's your $
542 Good job out there. Here's $.
543 Here's your money .
544 $.
545 Well it's $
546 It wasn't that tough, now was it? Next time no mistakes. Here's $.
547 $
548 Come on! $.
549 Remember, watch each other's backs and only kill the hostile slaves. Here's $.
550 Only $.
551 You want to make any money or not? You're pissing me off. How fucking hard can it be? Now take your $.
552 What the hell was your problem? You don't earn shit this time. We're in this to make money, not dick around.
553 I'll do better next time.
554 Thanks for nothing.
555 Thanks
556 Ug.
570 Damn bitch, was that your first time? There's no way that was not your first time.
571 Damn girl, was that your first time?
572 Pretty good, I guess.
573 Very nice, maybe we can do it again sometime.
574 Damn! That was... very well spent money.
575 Damn! You were the best piece of ass I've ever had, and I've had a lot.
600 YOU STUPID FUCK! How dare you abandon your fellow slavers out there. [Spits in your face] KILL HIM!
601 But I...
602 Alright, let's do this.
620 Well, nice to see you could make it back.
621 Yeah, it was a tough run.
622 Thanks. Things got a little harry out there.
623 Agra Moo ne!
630 Oh, you want money? You want to be paid?
631 Yah.
632 Ugh.
640 Of course I'd LOVE to help you out but� there's this slight problem I have� something about attacking one of my men.
641 Sorry! I didn't mean to- I mean� Ug?
642 Uh, oh.
650 Oh, don't worry. I'm sure I can find it in my heart to pay- I mean repay you. Men, it's payday.
651 Oh, don't worry. I'm sure I can find it in my heart to pay- I mean repay you. Men, take this bitch down.
652 Oops.
653 Garaka!
654 Uh� Tank?
670 Oh, I'm sure. This line of work isn't to be take lightly. It takes trust and loyalty. We watch each other's backs. Good policy don't you think?
671 I guess.
672 Uh, what's going on?
673 Definitely.
680 You guess? I didn't think you were that smart. You really are a stupid fuck. [Metzger glares at you then looks to his guards and motions in your direction.]
681 Actions?
682 What?
690 Oh, so you aren't as dumb as you act. Well, that's a shame. You see, I'm having a bit of a dilemma. Someone had the nerve to attack my men.
691 Really?
692 It was an accident!
700 Really? I'm so glad you agree. Now what would you do if someone betrayed this trust?
701 Uh, give them a warning?
702 Here. Let me show you. [attack]
703 Make them pay.
710 You think so? Honestly? I don't know. I was thinking of something a little more� permanent. [With an evil grin, Metzger looks to his guards and nods.]
711 What?
712 Oh boy�
720 I'm glad we're in agreement. [Metzger looks to his guards.] Men, it's payday.
721 Uh�
730 Yes. It's a shame really. This person just doesn't seem to get it, but I think they are about to. [You see Metzger making a small hand gesture to his men.] Play time.
731 Oh really?
732 Uh oh.
740 Yes, I'm afraid accidents happen around here quite often. In fact, I'm afraid we're about to have another one. [Metzger smiles pleasantly and then nods towards his men.]
741 Bring it on!
742 I'm not getting out of this am I?
750 Oh, but this will be fun. Trust me.
751 Fuck you.
752 Uh, okay.
1360 for her. How about it?
1361 ?
1363 .
1364 .
1365 ?
1496 .
1540 . Pretty fucking good job .
1541 . You kicked some serious ass. Keep it up.
1542 .
1543 , $.
1544 isn't something to laugh at but you can't make a lot more than that.
1545 this time. Pretty good job.
1546 .
1547 ? Not bad.
1548 ? You can do better than that.
1549 .
1550 ! That's fucking pitiful! Shape up or I'll kick your ass out.
1551 and get out.
2540 .
2543 .

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