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100 You see a tough middle-aged slaver.
101 You see a rather large slaver.
150 There's a slaver who seems to enjoy his work.
151 This slaver seems to be very strong but not to bright.
200 Get the hell away from the door.
201 What the fuck do you think your doing?
202 Metzger'll have your head. Back off man.
203 Hey, bitch, get away from that door.
204 No bitch is going in Metzger's room. Back off.
205 Back off, bitch. Slaver or not, Metzger's room is off limits.
250 Talk to Metzger, not me, buddy.
251 You going to join the guild?
252 There's good money if you're in the guild.
253 You'll get a lot of action if you're in the guild.
254 Talk to Metzger, not me, lady.
255 Metzger's not going to hire a bitch so beat it.
256 Beat it.
257 Hey, man.
258 You're lucky you only have to go on the runs.
259 Being a door guard's a boring life.
260 How's it going?
261 You're the first woman Metzger's ever hired.
262 Metzger must have a soft spot for you.
263 You're all alone little lady.

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