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100 You see a guard.
101 You see Marc, a guard.
102 You see Marc, one of Tyler's guards.
150 Yo, Tyler!
200 What the�?
225 I knew we could take those pussies.
226 Thanks for the tip. That was some fun stuff.
227 Too bad we killed them all. Now what are we to do?
228 Are we hot or what?
229 We're too good.
230 We fucking kicked some ass! Fuck yeah!
250 Tyler's the one to talk to, not me, lady.
251 What's up. You need something, you gotta talk to Tyler here.
252 What you looking at?
253 Tyler's the one to talk to, not me, man.
255 We're going to kick some ass tonight!
256 Tonight's the night!
257 I'm going to remember this night for sure.
258 Don't even tell me they chickened out.
259 Oh, I sure hope those fuckers show.
260 I knew those pussies wouldn't show.
261 We should just go kick their asses just for thinking about fighting us.
262 We would have ripped through them if they had showed.
263 I could have taken them on by myself.

You think you're doing some damage? Two plus two is... ten. IN BASE FOUR! I'M FINE!"

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