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100 You see the owner of the saloon.
101 You see Becky.
150 This looks like the owner.
151 This is Becky, owner of this place.
152 [TALK]
153 Hello, stranger, and welcome to my saloon. I�m Becky.
154 Hello, I am
155 . What�s there to do around here?
156 Hi, I�m
157 . Can I ask some questions?
158 Mom?
159 Mag gah.
160 Run along. I don�t need your kind here.
161 Mmmm...
162 Screw you.
163 I�m going.
164 Sorry, no offense was meant. Can I ask something?
165 Drink of whiskey is $5 and the gambling tables are right over there. Have a good one.
166 Can I ask a question?
167 I want a drink!
168 Hmm, those are some cheap drinks. Let�s see one.
169 Thanks. Bye.
170 Vault 13? Nope, never heard of it.
171 Hmm, can I ask something else?
172 Damn, I need to find it. Bye.
173 What would you like to know?
174 Where�s a good place to eat?
175 Do you know where Vault 13 is?
176 Why are your drinks so cheap?
177 Nothing. Bye.
178 Mom runs a little restaurant across town.
179 Mommy! Mommy!
180 One more question.
181 Thanks. Bye.
182 Beat it.
183 Gwah.
184 I�ll give you something to beat.
185 Quick question first?
186 Bye.
187 A shot of whiskey is $5. Pay first.
188 Huh?
189 Here�s the money.
190 Changed my mind.
191 I�m a little short of cash. Can I have a tab?
192 Can I ask a question?
193 Gotta go.
194 Here�s the drink. Anything else?
195 Question?
196 Yeha, how about you and I...
197 Nope.
198 Hey, you don�t enough cash for this drink. You�re poorer than even these sops!
199 Sorry.
200 Hmm, I�ll come back.
201 Hmm. Let me get someone to watch the bar. You and I can go into the back room and play a little game I call "First Strike." If you�re good, well, there�s "Ground Zero."
202 OK!
203 Er...uh...I have to go.
205 You were OK.
206 Next time, let�s play "Into the Glow." But for now...
207 Can you do something for me?
208 I have to go, but I�ll come back.
209 What can I do for you, sweet cheeks?
210 I need some more lovin�.
211 I got some questions.
212 How can you sell your drinks so cheaply?
213 How about a drink?
214 Gotta run. See ya.
215 Not now. Maybe later. Yes, definitely later.
216 Can I ask a question?
217 Later then.
218 I have a still in the basement. I made it myself. Beats paying triple to those New Reno gangsters.
219 Smart girl! I like that!
220 Hmm, I have to go. I�ll see you later.
221 Why? Why did you destroy my still? You bastard!
222 Nothing personal. I got paid to do it.
223 I�m sorry.
224 Bye.
225 I�ll just make another one, you know.
226 I know.
227 Well, that�s good.
228 Bye.
232 Why? Why did you destroy my still? You bitch!
233 Where are you, baby?
234 Are you coming?
235 I'm waiting.
236 I'm in here, lover.
237 I've got a bar to run.
238 Follow me, sugar.
240 How did you... Do that... Uhhh...
241 It's O.K., size doesn't really matter.
242 That was, ummm, nice -- I guess.

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