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100 You see Lara.
150 She's the leader of this gang.
200 The name's Lara; I run this gang. You better not be here to cause trouble or you're in for a world of hurt.
201 Hi again. Need something?
202 Got any work?
203 Just looking around.
204 I'm looking for a merchant named Vic.
205 Aruh.
206 Rara.
220 We don't have any doctors in town and I can't help you.
221 Sorry, I still don't understand.
222 Ack.
230 The name doesn't ring a bell, but then again I don't keep track of who comes in and out of town. Check with Becky. Everyone ends up going through there. She might know.
231 Got any work?
232 Thanks. Bye.
240 If you didn't come to the Den for a specific reason you should probably leave. It's not very safe around here.
241 Oh, okay.
242 Got any work?
243 I can handle myself.
244 Okay, thanks.
250 No doubt. Otherwise you probably wouldn't have made it here alive.
251 Uh, yes, so I heard. You said that already.
252 Got any work?
253 Okay, thanks.
260 Well it depends on what you're good at. There is something I'm curious about. If you can find out, I'll pay you a bit.
261 As I said, I'm looking for more information on a certain something� or someplace. I'll pay of course.
262 Sure what's that?
263 Maybe later.
270 Let me know if you change your mind.
271 All right.
280 Well, there's a church east of here. Metzger has some people guarding whatever is inside. Find out what and I'll pay you $200.
281 That was easy. I already know.
282 Sure.
283 I'll see what I can do.
290 Thanks. Don't get in a fight� yet. I have a plan.
291 No problem.
292 I'll be right back.
300 What's that?
301 Raw chemical compounds in large crates.
302 Big containers holding chemicals of some kind.
303 Let me check again.
310 That makes sense actually. Thanks. Here's your money.
311 Why is that?
312 No problem. Bye.
320 I've seen caravan's from Vault City come in and then some of it gets picked up by caravans from New Reno.
321 So? Why does that make sense?
322 Oh.
340 New Reno is the chem capital around here. They have to get the raw materials to make there chems from somewhere, right? It seems like they're getting some, or all of it, from Vault City.
341 Where's New Reno?
342 Okay, thanks.
350 Not sure exactly. Some where to the south I think. I've never been there, I just see their caravans stop buy once in a while - once in a long while.
351 Oh, okay. Thanks.
360 You looking for some more quick and easy cash? $50. Easy money.
361 Sure.
362 Make it quick.
370 I need you to check with Metzger to see if he'd be okay if Tyler and I settled some old maters. He'll understand what I mean.
371 Why do you want me to ask?
372 If I get a chance
373 Okay.
380 Because I don't want Tyler to see any of my people going into or out of Metzger's place. I don't want to tip our hand.
381 Don't you get it. If Tyler sees me all of a sudden talking to Metzger he might catch wind of something fishy.
382 We'll see.
383 Okay.
390 So did you find out what's in there?
391 Raw chemical compounds in large crates.
392 Big containers holding chemicals of some kind.
393 Not yet.
400 So did you talk to him yet? What did he say?
401 He said yes. If you win, you can have their job, like before.
402 Na.
410 Great. I was hoping as much. I hear he's been complaining about them lately. Here's your money.
411 I assume there's something else now?
412 Thanks. Bye.
420 I have one more job for you. I'm not sure how you'll do it, but since you were able to get inside maybe they trust you.
421 I snuck inside.
422 What is it?
430 I'm sure you can figure something out.
431 Okay, what is it?
440 We can't take them at their present strength. They have extra funding and slightly out number us. If you can find some kind of weakness we could use to balance out the odds or something we can exploit...
441 Huh? Find a weakness? How am I supposed to do that?
442 How much?
443 Consider it done.
450 We'll give you $150. There's no way we can get close enough to find out by ourselves.
451 If I get around to it.
452 Okay.
460 I don't know. That's why I'm asking you to help.
461 I'll try.
462 This is pointless.
470 Did you find anything?
471 Yes. They're having a party tonight.
472 Not yet. I'll let you know.
473 Gra.
474 Na.
480 Excellent! They're sure to leave a skeleton crew. Those should be good odds. We'll take out those at the party after we hit the church.
481 And my money?
490 I don't think so. You'll have to come with us if you want your money. You won't have to fight but just to be sure it's not a trap. We'll give you $300 total.
491 You ready?
492 Okay, let's do it.
493 Give me a bit to get ready.
494 No way. Keep your money!
500 Okay, but we've got to act soon so don't take to long or we'll ruin our chance.
501 Okay.
510 You don't have to fight. Easy money.
511 Well, have you changed your mind?
512 Let's go. I'm ready.
513 Okay, I'll be right back.
514 No.
515 Uk
520 Because of you we blew our chance.
521 Coward!
522 You get nothing.
523 It was probably a trap anyhow.
524 Sorry, you're not reliable.
525 I can't trust you.
530 We did it!
531 Thank you for your help.
532 Special thanks to you!
533 I've finally paid Tyler back for what he did to my brother.
534 Thank you again.
540 Now that's Metzger's dead, I don't know what'll happen.
541 Maybe we should just pack up.
542 Did you hear Metzger died? I don't know what to do now.
543 What's going to happen to the Den now? Maybe something better.
544 This could actually be for the better.
550 Bastard!
551 Bitch!
560 Thanks. Here's your money and $100 extra.
570 Did you kill Tyler and his guards? How are we supposed to prove ourselves to Metzger? He'll never hire us now. That was our only chance.
571 We don't have any work. Someone killed off Metzger's guards and now he won't talk to us. He thinks we did it. Oh well.
572 Sorry.
573 Too bad.
574 That was me, and you're next.
575 Oh. Okay, bye.
576 Uhr?
577 Ug.
590 I told you we would go together. Since no one was there to watch the place, it got ransacked and now Metzger's madder than hell.
591 I told you to find a weakness, not kill them! Since no one was there to watch the place, it got ransacked and now Metzger's madder than hell.
592 Damn it! I told you to ask Metzger not to kill them! Since no one was there to watch the place, it got ransacked and now Metzger's madder than hell.
593 Damn it! I told you not to attack them! Since no one was there to watch the place, it got ransacked and now Metzger's madder than hell.
594 Oh, well, I've got to go.
595 That's a shame.
596 You're next, bitch.
597 Hmph!
598 You next.
610 You really know how to screw things up, don't you?
611 We don't need any more of your help.
612 Go bother someone else.
613 Metzger better not take anything out on us.
614 I'm sorry. I can't help you.
615 Can't talk. I'm trying to figure out what to do now.
616 I hope Metzger doesn't think we were involved.
617 What are we going to do now?
618 We better leave soon in case Metzger thinks we killed his guards.
619 You ever been to New Reno? Maybe we'll head there - or north.

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