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100 You see a thug.
101 You see Joey.
150 This guy doesn't look too friendly.
151 [TALK]
152 I�m gonna cut you up, fucker!
153 Yeah? Come on and try.
154 Hey, wait just one minute!
155 I�d think twice if I were you.
156 What do you want? Why shouldn�t I just kill you rather than listen to your bullshit after what you've done?
157 I want to talk to you about a ghost that comes around here at night.
158 Did you take a locket from the haunted house?
159 Never mind. I'll just kick your ass instead.
160 Nothing. Just passing through.
161 What the hell are you talking about?
162 Did you steal a locket from that haunted house?
163 Nothing. Never mind.
164 Forget it. I�ll kill you now and sort out the pieces later.
165 I-I don�t know what you�re talking about.
166 Oh, I think you do! You stole a dead girl�s locket, and now her spirit can't rest.
167 Then I�ll take it by force.
168 T-That's f-fucking crazy! Y-you must h-have been r-really fucked up on some of Tubby's shit. I-I n-never s-saw no g-ghost w-when I stayed t-there- just a bad trip, wasn't f-fucking real.
169 Look, I�ll buy it from you.
170 Give it to me or you can join her.
171 If you don�t return it now, she�ll come after you. And she can�t be stopped.
172 Huh? Oh yeah. Yeah. T-That's for damn sure. You're gonna have to fork over some bucks for sure. You ain't gettin' this for free! $50 or beat it!
173 Okay, here�s the money.
174 Take $20 and be happy I don�t just take it from you.
175 Nah, I changed my mind. See ya.
176 Give it to me or I kill you for it.
177 Here. Now just leave me alone.
178 Gladly.
179 Don�t let me catch you doing this again!
180 H-Hey! You don�t have the money! Get the hell out of here!
181 Oops. I�ll come back.
182 Then I guess I have to kill you.
183 Hey. How's it goin'?
184 OK, and you?
185 Not so good.
186 Did you take a locket from that haunted house?
187 What do you know about that ghost that comes around here at night?
188 Hey, man, I�m Joey. What're you doin' on my turf?
189 Your turf? I don�t think so.
190 Maybe I�m looking for you.
191 Just leaving. Bye.
192 Looking for some information.
193 Hey, baby cakes. You looking for Joey? Here I am.
194 No. Go away.
195 Maybe. What are you offering me?
196 I want some information.
197 No, sorry. I have to go now.
198 Hey, I got some jet. It�s great stuff and brand new from Reno. Want some?
199 No way!
200 How much?
201 No, I want information.
202 I have to go. Bye.
203 How about you and I get it on?
204 Okay.
205 Not if you were the last nonmutated man on the planet.
206 Er, no... I don�t think so. I need something else.
207 You�ll be coming back.
208 Maybe.
209 Don�t count on it.
210 Wait! Can I ask you something?
211 Nobody talks to me like that!
212 I just did. You do anything more than talk?
213 Whatever. Are you selling anything or just making small talk?
214 My apologies. I�m actually looking around and don�t know the area.
215 What do you want?
216 I�m looking for a locket.
217 I need to know more about that haunted house.
218 What�s the deal with the old church and those guards?
219 Nothing you can provide.
220 Have you heard of Vault 13?
221 Um, never mind. See you around.
222 Oh, you mean Tyler and his gang? They guard some shit that comes in from Vault City. Big fucking crates. Once in a while you see them get picked up by caravans heading to New Reno.
223 Can I ask you more about them?
224 Can I ask you something else?
225 OK, thanks. Bye.
226 What else you wanna know?
227 Who�s Tyler?
228 Where�s New Reno?
229 So, what are they guarding?
230 I want to ask you about something else.
231 That�s it. Bye.
232 Tyler's just some weasel who screwed all the rest of us out of a sweet deal with Metzger, but fuck that shit! I don't fucking care anymore. I could kick his fucking ass though. Lara and him still have some really bad blood. Something about Tyler and her brother.
233 That could be useful. Can I ask you more about them?
234 Can I ask you something else?
235 OK, thanks. Bye.
236 New Reno is down to the south a long ways, then east some. There's a lot of action to be made there, but it's pretty fucking dangerous too. I might head back some day. Here, I can show you where it's at on that fancy screen thing of yours.
237 I think I can find it now. Can I ask you more about them?
238 Can I ask you something else?
239 OK, thanks. Bye.
240 Hell if I know.
241 Interesting. Can I ask you more about them?
242 Can I ask you something else?
243 OK, thanks. Bye.
244 For you, I will sell jet for $500.
245 No, thanks. Bye.
246 No, thanks, but I would like to ask you something.
247 That�s too much!
248 OK, I�ll buy it.
249 If you don�t have the money, come back when you can afford it. Don't let me see you buying from anyone else or I'll kick your fucking ass. I'm the only one with the pure uncut shit, shipped directly from New Reno.
250 Wait, I�ll buy it.
251 Well, can I ask you something?
252 Bye.
253 OK, I�ll drop the price to $350, but no less! That�s my final offer. You got to pay top dollar for the good shit. Don't buy from Tubby or any of those losers. They cut their shit. I'm the only one for miles that can get a hold of the best stuff.
254 Forget it. Can I ask you something?
255 OK, I�ll buy it.
256 Never mind. Bye.
257 Vault... Vault... Vault 13? Nope, never heard of it. Don't tell me they've come up with another new chem! Nothing can beat jet!
258 No, you moron.
259 No, it�s a place. Can I ask something else?
260 Yes, a wonderful chem.
261 No, bye.
262 Joey here isn't much of a conversationalist.
300 Probably not. Bye.
350 You been sleeping? Turns out that Lara's a mean little bitch after all. She gunned Tyler down. I hear Metzger was in on it. Well, I better get back to� work.

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