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88 Results For DCGAMBLE.MSG
100 You see a gambler.
101 This gambler seems to be doing extremely well.
102 He seems to be winning, but all his money is on the table.
103 She seems to be winning, but all her money is on the table.
104 This person doesn't seem to be winning or losing
105 This person hasn't won in a while.
106 She looks like she's about to cry and seems to almost be out of money.
107 He looks very angry and seems to be losing big.
200 Don't hurt me!
201 Don't shoot!
202 I don't have any money!
203 Why did you have to kill poor Becky?
204 What did she ever do to you?
205 I didn't do anything!
206 Please go, I won't tell.
300 Yes! The dice love me!
301 Oh, that was close.
302 Don't interrupt me. You'll ruin my winning streak.
303 I'm hot!
304 Money, money, money!
305 I love this game!
306 You see that! Yes!
307 Roulette is the game to play!
308 I'm doing pretty good, how about you?
309 I'm doing better than normal.
310 Great place don't you think?
311 Becky's tables are better than New Reno.
312 You like this game? It's a lot of fun.
313 I haven't had a good roll in a while.
314 I need a good roll.
315 Well, at least I'm not losing.
316 I'm not going anywhere.
317 I'm just breaking even.
318 You've got to play the numbers.
319 Just betting on the red or black is bad odds.
320 The dice aren't behaving.
321 I'm down and it's not looking good.
322 I hope you do better than I.
323 I've seen better days.
324 I know how to play, honest.
325 The ball's not bouncing my way today.
326 Another payday lost for good.
327 I'm almost broke!
328 Damn it. This sucks.
329 Why is does this always happen to me?
330 I can't win.
331 I hate this game.
400 Damn, Becky's was the only place to gamble around here!
401 Stay away.
402 Don't shoot!
403 Please leave us lone.
500 Don't stop there.
501 Keep moving.
502 COME ON 7!
503 Yes!
504 Keep it coming!
505 Becky! I'm going to take all your money today!
506 Woohoo! Winner!
507 Give me another good bounce!
508 Yes!
509 All right!
510 Again, lets see that again.
511 Come on.
512 That's what I wanted.
513 Almost.
514 Not bad.
515 How did that happen?
516 Oops.
517 No wammies, no wammies. Stop!
518 Well, the game lives up to its name.
519 I just need one big win.
520 Figures!
521 Again?
522 This isn't looking good.
523 Roulette sucks!
524 Becky! You're tables are killing me!
525 Are those loaded dice or what?
526 Not again!
527 Why me?
528 Damn it! So close!
529 Oh sweet sweet Jesus, KILL ME NOW!
530 I hate this game!
531 Damn! That was my number on the last spin!
532 Black again!?!?
600 Get away!
601 Why did you do that?
602 Get away!
603 Stop it, I'm fragile.

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