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100 You see a gangster.
150 He seems to be a member of Lara's gang.
151 She seems to be a member of Lara's gang.
200 Wise guy.
201 There you are.
202 Pay back.
203 Come here.
204 I'm not through with you.
205 Bitch.
225 Wonder how long things will last around here with Metzger gone?
226 So, Metzger's finally dead?
227 Was that your handiwork?
228 The Den'll never be the same again.
240 I can't believe it, we actually beat them!
241 Metzger's got to show us respect now.
242 We sure showed them.
243 We gave 'em our own brand of justice.
244 We couldn't have done it without you!
245 Thank you for your help!
246 We did it!
247 You screwing around with us?
248 Better watch you step.
249 Lara's the only reason we don't string you up right now.
250 What were you trying to pull?
251 Coward.
252 You make me sick.
253 Get lost
254 Beat it.
255 We're ready when you are.
256 It's about time we pay them back.
257 I hate waiting.
258 Lets go already.
259 You ready yet?
260 Just let Lara know when it's time.
270 You looking to join up?
271 You must be here to see Lara.
272 How's it going?
273 Lara's the person you should be talking to.
274 Hi.
275 You here to see Lara?
300 Hi.
301 How's it going?
302 Hope things are going good.
303 So you might be able to help us out?
304 Good to see you.
305 We'll pay back Tyler soon�
306 Any new developments?
310 Thanks for the help. To bad about Lara.
311 We finally got em!
312 We couldn't have done this without you.
313 At least Lara went out in fight.
314 I can't believe Lara didn't make it.
315 We sure showed Metzger who's best.
316 Metzger's better off with us.
350 You said it!
351 They're dead meat!

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