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100 You see a guard.
150 He's one of Tyler's guards.
200 You still alive?
210 We showed them, didn't we?
211 No one messes with us.
212 We kicked ass.
213 About time we finished them off.
214 I can't forget the look on his face. It was great.
215 I'm surprised Metzger didn't get pissed.
216 I wonder why Metzger didn't step in.
225 I don't know why Metzger has us guard this shit.
226 Who's going to try and steal this crap?
227 This job is a cakewalk.
228 No one ever messes with us.
229 I think this stuff came from a Vault or something.
230 What are you looking for anyway?
231 There's nothing in here but us mice.
232 Don't waste your time, we've checked this stuff over a million times.
233 Tonight's the night.
234 I hate waiting.
235 I'll pass up drinks for this anytime.
236 Is it time yet? I can hardly wait.
237 I hope I get the first kill.
238 Why did they wait until now to mess with us?
239 This is going to be interesting.
240 Too bad we didn't get any action after all.
241 I wonder why they changed their minds.
242 All that waiting and nothing.
243 So what ever happened to that trap you were going to help us set?
244 What happened the other night?
245 Too bad those cowards chickened out. It would have been nice to finish them off.

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