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100 You see a citizen of the Den.
101 You see Fred.
102 You see Fred, wearing very fine clothes.
150 He seems to be busy thinking about something.
151 He seems pretty happy with his fine new threads.
200 I'm going to make it big some day.
201 Oh, leave me alone. I'm busy.
202 The master plan�
203 Going to figure it out some day�
204 Why do I always lose?
205 Tables must be rigged.
206 ...I'll own my own place some day.
207 Going to get nice clothes.
220 Hey, man! It's late. Leave me alone.
221 No, I don't need any company.
222 Do you know what time it is?
223 I don't have anything.
224 Bug me in the morning. I'm tired.
225 Beat it.
226 No one's home.
227 Can't talk. I'm getting ready for bed.
228 Hey, lady! It's late. Leave me alone.
240 No more money! Leave me alone.
241 There's no work. What am I going to do?
242 Don't tell me I owe someone else! Ahh!
243 I'm never going to make it big now.
244 I'm so broke.
245 Oh man, I need some cash.
246 I'll never get to buy new clothes now.
247 Got to get a new master plan�
260 Thanks for covering for me!
261 You're a real life saver.
262 I'll have the money for you soon.
263 I'll win it big anytime soon!
264 You're the first person I'll see when I win big.
275 Master plan is in action!
276 Thanks for the loan! You're money's in good hands!
277 Those tables sure are rough, but don't worry.
278 I'll win big some day, thanks to you.
279 I'm due any day! I can feel it.
280 I'm going to pay you back, I swear!
281 I'm going to win it big soon. I can smell it.
295 Huh? Do I know you? What do you want?
296 Why do you keep bothering me? I don't even know you. Go bug someone else.
297 I'm here to collect some money you owe someone.
298 Never mind.
299 Uk!
300 Bye.
310 HEY! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! Check out these threads!
311 Thanks again.
312 Looking very nice.
313 You look like crap!
314 Yuk!
315 Ug.
320 Thank you. Thank you very much! Thanks to you, I have four sets just like these!
321 So you won it big after all?
322 So, where's my money?
330 You don't like my threads? You know, I think your right. I don't like them either. Time for some new ones - I can afford it!
331 So, you won it big after all?
332 Where's my money?
333 Hmph.
340 I was getting there! Won't even let me bask in my glory? I worked hard for this you know.
341 I know, I'm sorry.
342 Screw that. Where's the money I covered you for?
343 I don't give a crap. Where's my money?
350 Fine. Here. [Fred gives you $500] There's a little extra for trusting me. Well, see you later. Thanks again.
351 Thanks!
352 What ever.
360 Thanks a lot for covering for me. It really meant a lot to me, to be trusted by a complete stranger. Let me give you this.
361 Okay.
362 You shouldn't have.
363 Uh.
370 I owe you a lot. You trusted me when I was down on my luck. As a small gesture of gratitude I have something for you.
371 Okay.
372 You shouldn't have.
373 Uh.
380 Here. [Fred give you $1000.] I hope this helps. I'm sure you'll find someplace to spend it.
381 Sorry, I can't accept this.
382 Thanks.
383 Not really, but I'll take it.
384 Yum.
390 Here. [Fred gives you $2000, 5 Fusion Cells, 5 Energy Cells, and a Plasma Grenade.] I hope this helps, at least a little.
391 Sorry, I can't accept this.
392 Thank you very much.
393 Not really, but I'll take it.
394 Yum.
400 What? Well, okay, if you insist. Thank you so very much. Take good care of yourself.
401 Bye.
410 What? You doing some strange chem? You don't look like a jethead. Get away from me you freak.
411 Beat it!
412 Ug.
420 What are you talking about? I don't owe anyone anything. Who the hell are you talking about?
421 Yea, you said that last time. I don't know what you're talking about? Who's this imaginary person again?
422 Becky says you owe her $500
423 Becky sent me.
424 Rebecca says she lent you $200.
430 Oh yeah, right. Rebecca lent me $200� Oh, wait. Maybe- ummm�
431 She's told me to break your neck if you don't pay.
432 Hand it over.
440 Yeah, right. I've never seen that much money before in my life.
441 Hmmm.
442 Oh.
450 Right! That'll be the day. Becky wouldn't hurt a fly. She sure is pretty though.
451 Well, you're wrong, asshole.
452 Maybe it was someone else.
460 Damn. I think your right, but - I'm almost broke. I can't afford that kind of money! I've got to eat you know.
461 Sorry.
462 Tough luck.
470 Oh, damn it. I can barely afford $100. Could you spot me half? I promise I'll pay you back!
471 No sorry.
472 Come on. Pay up the full amount!
473 Okay, fine.
480 Damn it. You're going to ruin me! Well, okay, here. Now I'm completely broke.
481 Oh, fine. I'll cover you.
482 Thanks. Manage your money better next time.
483 Thank you for your business.
490 I told you! I can't! I'll starve if I do. Oh, come on, can't you help me out?
491 All right. I'll cover half of it.
492 No sorry. I don't have the cash either.
493 I'll be back.
500 What? Really? Wow! Thanks a lot, man! Here's a $100. I'll get the other $100 to you as soon as possible!
501 What? Really? Wow! Thanks a lot, lady! Here's a $100. I'll get the other $100 to you as soon as possible!
502 No problem.
503 You better pay me back.
510 Oh, don't worry. I will! You have my word and I won't forget about it this time!
511 Okay.
520 Say, you know what? That hundred's really going to uh� delay things. Do you think I could borrow a little bit back?
521 How much?
522 No way.
530 Wait! I know. Tell you what, I'll give you $100 and you spot me for the other $100 I owe Becky. I'll pay you back real soon.
531 Okay fine.
532 No deal.
540 Just $50. Please! It's all part of the master plan!
541 All right.
542 But that'll only leave me with $50 to pay your $200 loan.
543 No.
550 Wha- uh� Damn! You won't regret this! I'm good for it!
551 No problem.
560 Uh, yeah. I see your math skills- I mean, please! It's not much to you I'm sure, but it's a hell of a lot for me.
561 Okay.
562 No.
570 Yeah, sure she did. Everyone knows she hates that name. You're not fooling me!
571 I don't owe her anything.
572 She said you were forgetful.
573 Look, I don't have time for this. Pay up damn it!
574 Rebecca said she lent it to you a while ago.
580 I am not! I� wait. There was that one time. Didn't I pay her back? I thought I did�
581 No, you didn't. That's why she sent me.
582 Just pay up so I can get out of here.
590 I don't remember� but Becky sure has helped me and my friends out in the past.
591 Hand over the $200.
592 Just give me the money.
600 Leave me alone.
601 Whatever.
602 Okay.
610 Uh. Hi again. So, uh, I suppose you want the money. Do you think you could cover me for half?
611 No, sorry.
612 If she lent you $200, you'll pay it.

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