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100 You see the owner of The Hole.
101 You see Frankie, owner of The Hole.
150 This appears to be the owner of this place.
151 This is Frankie. He owns this joint.
152 [TALK]
153 I�m Frankie and yer standing in 'The Hole.' Best damn bar for a hundred miles! Everyone crawls into The Hole when it's time to let loose. Now don't you be causing too much trouble, y�hear?
154 I hear ya.
155 Yeah, okay. Whatever.
156 I see why you call this place "The Hole."
157 Huh?
158 What�s yer pleasure?
159 Whiskey.
160 Women.
161 Men.
162 Info.
163 Nothing today. Bye.
164 Wee wee.
165 Hey! You better shut your hole!
166 Or what?
167 Just do your job and get me a drink.
168 I�ll just leave instead.
169 Whiskey is $
170 a shot.
171 Here�s your money.
172 No way! That�s too much!
173 Why does your whiskey cost so much more than Becky�s?
174 No thanks.
175 Anything else?
176 Yes.
177 Nope, thanks.
178 You don�t have enough money! This ain�t no charity!
179 Oh, sorry. I�m low on funds.
180 I�ll come back.
181 What do you want?
182 Whiskey.
183 Nothing. I�m leaving.
184 Wahdo a peedee!
185 And stay out!
186 [exit]
187 I don�t want people like you in my place. Get out!
188 Alright, I�m going.
189 Wah.
190 Those New Reno families charge an arm and a leg for their booze. I don�t know how she does it!
191 Well, you should try to find out.
192 I could find out.
193 I know how she does it.
194 I�ll just go buy whiskey from her.
195 If you find out where she gets her booze, I�ll pay you $100.
196 OK, I�ll find out.
197 Nope, not interested.
198 So, how does Becky do it? How does she sell her booze so cheap?
199 She has a still.
200 I don�t know yet. I�ll come back.
201 What? A still! Damn. Hey, here�s the $100, and I�ll pay you $500 to destroy it. You can use my crowbar, in the back room over there. That'll do a number on her stupid little still!
202 I already did.
203 OK, I�ll destroy it.
204 No way. That�s too much. I got the information. You handle it.
205 No, I have a better idea.
206 So, is the still destroyed? Like I said, just use my crowbar on it. That'll really fuck it up fast.
207 Yes, it is.
208 I have a better idea.
209 Nope. I�ll let you know when it is.
210 Then here�s the $500. Thanks.
211 Nice doing business with you.
212 You know, Frankie, she�s just going to build another one.
213 Thanks, bye.
214 Damn! Well, in the mean time she�ll have no booze.
215 Why fight her, Frankie? Join her.
216 Think. Where else can you get liquor?
217 What do you mean?
218 Buy liquor from her. It�s cheaper than New Reno�s, so you�ll make more money, too.
219 I don�t want to do this.
220 Never mind.
221 Look, I just want her still destroyed. Will you do it?
222 Alright, I will.
223 No, I won�t. Good bye.
224 Maybe you�re right. I�ll talk to her. Thanks.
225 Hey, what are friends for?
226 Bye.
227 Information I do not have.
228 Really? How about why Becky�s drinks are so much cheaper than yours?
229 I thought bartenders knew everything.
230 Then I�m in the wrong place. Bye.
231 Go talk to Sheila. Hey, Sheila, you got a customer!
232 Wait, that�s not what I want!
233 Thanks. Bye.
234 Yeah, I bet. You must have the damnedest time getting men. Try your luck somewhere else, sister. I ain't into no charities.
235 Fine! Something else then.
236 Why, you little...
237 I don�t need this from you!
238 I have a room over there. You and I can use it.
239 OK.
240 No, I didn�t mean that!
242 Neither were you.
243 I might have tried if you knew how to please a woman.
244 You were the best I ever had. Really. I mean that.
245 I hate to eat and run, but...
246 Well, see you later.
247 Bye.
248 Yeah, whatever. Just clean up after yourself this time, will ya?
249 Hey, everyone! Let's hear it for Billy. He's actually getting some!
250 You need a mop?
251 See ya in five.
252 Sheila! Watch the bar!
253 Hey, Billy, get outta here!
254 Now where were we?
255 Where are you, woman?
256 Would you get in here?
257 Come on, baby.
258 Follow me.
259 No woman stands me up. Get the hell out!
260 Fine.
261 I forgot; I had something else I had to attend to right away. Please forgive me, baby.
262 I decided I didn't want to sleep with your ugly ass after all.
263 Lucky for you, I'm a nice guy. Just don't pull that crap with me again.
264 I won't, baby, I promise.
265 I'm gonna put my foot in your ass, woman!
266 No one talks to me like that! Die!
267 I've given you all the chances I'm gonna give ya. Now get out.
268 You're not going in my back room with that trash!
300 Hey, I didn't fucking say I'd pay you to kill the bitch. Get the fuck out!
350 Wow! Holy fuck. That was amazing.
351 Damn, you were pretty good baby.
352 Thanks, it was fun. Now get out.
353 You were, uhhh... Never mind, get out.
354 Well, I've never had worse than that.
400 You know baby, you might be hot and all, but you've got lots and lots to learn.

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