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100 You see a citizen of the Den.
101 You see Derek.
150 He looks quite agile.
200 Beat it.
201 I'm too tired to talk.
202 Get out of my place.
203 Get your own place to sleep.
204 Stop bothering me.
205 I'm bushed.
206 Doh!
207 Hey, what are you doing here?
220 Stay away from Metzger, tribal.
221 Why is it always so damn hot?
222 Why do we live in the desert?
223 I'm a good cook.
224 I'm going to open my own restaurant someday.
225 I wish I had a real kitchen.
226 Why am I always getting the short end of life?
227 People are always screwing me.
228 Fred's a dreamer - master plan, my ass.
240 Shhhh! They're everywhere.
241 Make them stop!
242 So you found that damn book?
243 I don't know why Becky won't hire me.
244 I will not go insane!
245 I got my quarters!
246 They come out at night, mostly.
247 I like potatoes!
248 Don't walk on the green stuff without boots!
249 Just turn it inside out.
250 Oh, my head hurts really bad now.
251 I'm a grandmaster cook!
252 I would never poison a newbie's food.
260 Hey you looking for some freshly baked bread?
261 Yes.
262 I'm looking for Becky's book.
263 No, bye.
270 Oh, hi again.
271 So where's Becky's book?
272 Hey, how about some of that bread?
273 Bye.
280 Ha! So am I. Have I told you what a great cook I am? Becky wont' hire me for some reason. She says I'm unstable.
281 She's probably right.
282 I'm looking for Becky's book.
283 That's great. I've uh� got to go.
290 What? You! Screw you buddy! I'm not� Ow! Fuck.
291 What? You! Screw you lady! I'm not� Ow! Fuck.
292 Damn.
293 Nuf Said.
300 Oh yeah. I didn't like it. Too much kissing. I threw it in the corner of that building... no that building... no... was it a building? Maybe I dropped it somewhere else... or did I throw it? Ow! My head!
301 Book? Oh, that book. Who sent you? I'm not sure if that's the proper side. Don't forget the tissue.
302 I can't! They're� oh crap� Do you have the cheese? Hide!
303 Hey! Not my problem. What was I supposed to do? Fight them? Little green men, big pointy teeth! Fuck! Ouch! Stop that!
304 My head hurts! What... who said that?
305 That helps a lot.
306 Uh.
310 What? Are you mocking me! Screw you! I'm not unstable! I can cook! I don't have voices in my head!
311 I'm gonna- shit! Fuck! Damn it! Stop that. Be quiet! What?... Okay.
312 Hey! Sto- do... fuck.
313 Bye.
314 Nothing.
320 Hey! Get away from me!

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