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100 You see a customer.
101 You see a townsperson.
150 He looks like he's headed somewhere.
151 She looks like she's headed somewhere.
152 He's busy drinking and talking to other customers.
153 She seems to be busy talking.
154 He's looking over Tubby's shelves.
155 She seems to be looking around Tubby's store.
156 You don't see anything unusual about him.
157 You don't see anything unusual about her.
200 Get away from me!
201 Leave me alone!
202 Don't touch me!
203 Stop it!
204 What are you doing?
300 Sorry, can't talk now.
301 Where was I going again?
302 Hello.
303 Excuse me.
304 Hi.
305 Becky's place is the best, and not just cuz of the prices.
306 You here for the drinks or the tables?
307 All we need now are some troubadours.
308 Hello.
309 You a gambler?
310 How's the outside world?
311 Frankie's a scum bag. He's mean to Becky for no reason.
312 You a friend of Becky?
313 Grab a drink, friend!
314 Drink up! Drinks are cheap!
315 There's no way these are watered down.
316 That Dyer sure knows her stuff.
317 Nothing like good drinks and good company.
318 Only trouble with Becky's drinks is you tend to drink to many!
319 Becky� I mean Rebecca sure is a sweetheart.
320 If anyone ever lays a finger on her, they'll regret it.
321 This is some good stuff.
340 We should kill you for what you did.
341 I don't know what she did to you but she didn't deserve to die.
342 Maybe we should head to New Reno, since Becky's is closed.
343 I miss Becky's smile.
344 No more cheap booze.
345 The Den isn't the same without Becky's.
360 Frankie's is truly a hole� in the wall, that is.
361 I like the Hole better than Becky's.
362 We call this place the Hole.
363 Take a seat. Oh, wait. Maybe not.
364 Frankie's has action. Becky's is just a money pit.
365 Frankie sure doesn't like Becky.
366 Frankie says Becky's drinks are watered down.
367 How's it going?
368 Frankie knows how to party.
369 Becky's tables are rigged! Well, that's what Frankie says.
370 Bottoms up!
390 Damn, I warned Frankie about how he treated people.
391 Frankie should have watched his temper.
392 Now where we going to hang out?
393 Too bad Frankie's gone. He knew how to party.
394 You got quite a temper. What'd Frankie do to you?
395 Frankie insult your mom or something?
410 I'm just looking around.
411 I'm not sure what I'm looking for.
412 Tubby sure goes through a lot of Jet.
413 You see anything good?
414 Not much here.
415 Tubby needs to get some better suppliers.
416 You need chems? Tubby is normally well stocked.
430 What did you kill Tubby for?
431 No great loss, but Tubby was the only real shop in town.
432 What'd Tubby do to piss you off?
433 Tubby sold you some bad shit, didn't he?
434 The rumor is you whacked Tubby because of a bad deal or something.
435 Not surprised really. A lot of people have been sore with Tubby lately.
440 Nothing I'm interested in today�
441 Oh, hi. Just talking to my good friend Flick.
442 What are you doing in here?
443 You a friend of Flick's, too?
444 I didn't do anything.
445 What are you staring at?
446 Just pretend you don't see me.
447 Don't mind me.
460 Damn. You killed Flick.
461 Flick rip you off?
462 Flick's been into some dangerous work.
463 That sucks about Flick.
464 Wonder what all those kids are going to do now that Flick is dead.
465 Surprised Flick lasted this long.
480 We call this home.
481 Most of us grew up on Mom's cooking.
482 I've known Mom since I was a kid.
483 Mom takes care of everyone in the Den.
484 Mom can make a sandwich out of anything.
485 I hope you get to know Mom as well as us.
486 Great company, great food. What else could you ask for?
487 Cheers!
488 Hello.
500 How could you have hurt poor old Mom?
501 I've known, I mean, knew Mom all my life.
502 What did she ever do to you?
503 Murderer! Poor Mom�
504 Why did you have to do that?

Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.

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