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100 You see a guard.
150 The guard is guarding the old church.
151 [TALK]
152 How dare you show your face again!
153 [Done]
154 Ho! No one enters the Family Wright warehouse at night!
155 Well, Mr. Wright himself sent me on an errand. If you don�t know about it, too bad.
156 I�ll come back tomorrow.
157 I need to get in there now.
158 [Looking nervous] Sorry...I didn�t know. Do you have any papers?
159 Please! Can you even read?
160 No, he didn�t give me any.
161 I left them back with my guard. I�ll go fetch them.
162 You cannot get in without papers.
163 Here�s my authorization! Attack!
164 I�ll come back.
165 [Embarrassed] No...um...alright, just go on in...
166 Thank you.
167 That�s more like it.
168 What do you people want?
169 We need to go inside.
170 We were sent here by the boss.
171 I would have heard if a group was sent here. Be off!
172 Off with your head!
173 OK, OK; we�re going.
174 What is your business here?
175 I need to go inside.
176 I�ve been sent on official business by the boss. Stand aside!
177 Removing your head from your shoulders.
178 Sorry, wrong place.
179 Hello again. You can go on in.
180 Thanks.
181 Hey, get the hell away from the door!
182 Don't touch the door again unless you want trouble.
183 I see you touch that door again, you're gonna get a bullet in the head.
184 Hey, what do you think you're doing?
185 I've had enough of you.
186 Sorry; I can let you in, but your friends are gonna have to wait outside.
187 Only one of you are allowed in at a time.
200 Good evening.
201 Good afternoon.
202 Good morning.
203 Just finish up your business, thank you.
250 You know, pal, I've had enough of your shit!
251 You know, bitch, I've had enough of your shit!

A Wizard Is Never Late, Nor Is He Early. He Arrives Precisely When He Means To

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