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100 You see a member of the Slaver's Guild.
150 You see Metzger, head of the Slaver's Guild.
151 [TALK]
152 Guards! Attack!
153 [done]
154 Come back in the morning damn it! I do my business during the day.
155 [done]
156 What is it now? You're really starting to piss me off.
157 I would like to apologize.
158 Sorry, I was chemmed earlier. I didn�t mean anything.
159 Whoa, what's your problem?
160 I wanted to ask you a question.
161 Apparently I have. Good bye.
162 Wah.
163 Well, it�s too late for that. Get out.
164 Please, please, please; I�m sorry.
165 Oh well, I tried.
166 Screw you, then!
167 Alright, alright. Apology accepted.
168 Whew. Can I ask you some questions?
169 I�m glad we straightened that out. See you later.
170 Hello. It�s good to see you.
171 Hi Metzger. We need to talk.
172 You too. Bye.
173 Blurp.
174 I am Metzger, Head of the Slaver�s Guild. Whatcha need?
175 Yes, I have some questions.
176 No thanks. I�ll just go now.
177 Swavuh???
178 Please leave. Now.
179 Or what?
180 Alright. But I�ll be back!
181 OK. Bye.
182 What would you like to know?
183 About Trader Vic...
184 Can I join the Slaver�s Guild?
185 I�d like to sell my husband into slavery.
186 I�d like to sell my wife. How much?
187 I�d like to sell one of my friends here.
188 Tell me about the guild.
189 What cities buy your slaves?
190 I�d like to buy a slave.
191 I�m looking for Vault 13. Have you heard of it?
192 Metzger? That's a strange name.
193 Nothing. I have to go.
195 It's from an old language, prewar or something.
196 Metzger means butcher. Fitting, don't you think?
197 That was my great grandfather's name. He can from somewhere far to the east. Across a large body of water.
198 I read some book about a Metzger. He was a president, or something.
199 Look who's talking trible.
200 It's Germen, German, Garmen, or something. Ancient language, from a long time ago.
201 Et tu, Brutus?
202 I see. I still have a question, though.
203 That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
204 Fascinating. Gotta go.
205 Our mission is provide a steady and high-quality labor force to handle the ever-growing demands of the larger cities. Would you like to join?
206 Sure. Sounds great.
207 No way.
208 I�ll get back to you on that. What cities buy your slaves?
209 Sorry, that's private guild information.
210 OK. Sign me up!
211 No! You guys are sick people!
212 I�ll consider that. I have more questions.
213 Hmm, I�ll come back later.
214 We will need to brand a small marking on your forehead to show to all your allegiance with the slavers guild. Are you ready?
215 Sounds great! Do it!
216 I�ve changed my mind. Can I ask another question?
217 I don�t have time right now. I have to go.
218 Welcome to the guild!
219 Great, I have questions!
220 OK, thanks. I�ll be back.
221 Vault 13? No. Wait... I think Vic's from Vault City. Maybe that's it.
222 Yes, where is it?
223 No. I have another question though.
224 No, never mind.
225 We sell most of our slaves to Vault City and New Reno. New Reno is south east of here and most of the Den trades with it.
226 Where is Vault City?
227 I have more questions.
228 Thanks, gotta go.
229 Vault City is east of here, and a little south. Vic's from there.
230 I have more questions.
231 Thanks; gotta go.
232 Hmm, looks like a healthy slave. I�ll give you
233 coins.
234 OK! It�s a deal.
235 Uh, never mind.
236 No way! I want double!
237 You drive a hard bargain. Here is your money!
238 Thanks. I have some more questions.
239 Thanks. Bye.
240 Anything else?
241 Yes, I have a question.
242 Nope. Bye.
243 Which "friend" are you selling?
244 Um, never mind.
245 Interesting. I�ll give you
246 coins.
247 Sold!
248 No, thanks.
249 I want more money than that!
250 Alright, I�ll give you
251 but no more!
252 Sold!
253 Not good enough.
254 That�s way too little. I�m leaving.
255 What do you want with Vic? He's my property now. He shouldn't have fucked with me.
256 I�d like to buy him.
257 Why are you keeping him here?
258 Nothing. Never mind.
259 He is not for sale, yet.
260 Why not?
261 Oh, okay.
262 He will cost $2000.
263 Here is your money.
264 That's a lot. Maybe later.
265 The cost is $1000.
266 Here is your money.
267 Don't have that much yet. Bye.
268 Our radio is broken and he's in charge of fixing it.
269 I see.
270 You haven�t got the money!
271 Too bad for me. Can I ask you a question?
272 Sorry, I�ll come back.
307 How dare you return after abandoning your brothers during a Slave Run! Guards! Attack!
308 [done]
309 Excellent! It may take a few days for you to travel there and back. Are you ready to leave now?
310 No. I�ll come back.
311 Yes, I�m ready. Let�s go.
312 Ah, you are back from the Slave run. Let�s see how you did...
313 [more]
314 [more]
315 You killed potential slaves! A dead man brings us no income! Only kill the ones that are a threat, the others are of no threat.
316 [more]
317 You returned no slaves at all! What the hell is wrong with you? We're trying to make money here, not lose it.
318 [more]
319 Overall, you did well this Run. Keep up the good work and I might keep you around a while.
320 Thank you. I will.
321 I don�t know if I like this too much.
322 You need to improve your enslavement technique.
323 I will try.
324 I apologize for my poor performance.
325 I think I�m good enough.
326 Damn it! You did terribly in this Run. Are you trying to ruin me? Be more careful next time. You don't need to kill them all! Just kill off the hostile ones. Leave the unarmed ones for collection.
327 I�m sorry, Metzger.
328 Hey, it�s tough work to be a Slaver!
329 I�d like to see you do better.
330 I'd like to go on a slave run.
331 Damn it! I hate losing any guildmember on a Run. Try to watch each others back!
332 Overall, you did well this Run. Here is $

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