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100 You see a patron of the Hole.
150 This fellow sure isn't very attractive.
151 This guy's only got one tooth.
152 [TALK]
153 Your wife sure is pretty!
154 Get away from us.
155 You like her, huh?
156 Yes, she is.
157 Yup.
158 I sure would like to do her.
159 Go right ahead.
160 OK. That�ll be $50.
161 Sure, but it�ll cost you $200.
162 No way! Get away from us!
163 OK.
164 No.
165 Alright! Now come with Billy, sweetie.
166 Now go away.
167 Thanks. Bye.
168 Bye.
169 Aw, shucks.
170 [done]
171 I am plumb tuckered out.
172 I�ll come back.
173 OK.
174 You sure are a pretty thing.
175 Get away from me.
176 Give me $200 and you can spend some time with me.
177 I cost $50, Mac.
178 Hee hee. Thanks.
179 I don�t have enough money.
180 Ok, $50 then.
181 Too bad for you.
182 See you around.
183 Don�t bother me. I�m scoping for nice-looking chicks.
184 Good luck. You�ll need it.
185 What am I, chopped liver?
186 Bye.
187 Oooh. OK. Bye.
188 [looks you up and down] No. I like chopped liver.
189 I don�t need this from you!
190 Excuse me, I have to go.
191 Too bad. I thought you were cute.
203 I want my money back.
204 I ain't giving you anything but a hole in the head.
205 OK, here you go.
206 Hey.
207 Oh come on, give
208 another chance here.
209 I can see you don't want to talk to me. I'm leaving.
210 I gave you your chance and you blew it.
211 OK, but just one more chance.
212 That's my boy.
213 I'm just gonna have to kill you, then.
220 Hey, Frankie, I'm gonna just borrow the back room for a little while.
221 Hey, Frankie, look what I snagged.
222 Uh, Frankie, if anyone's... uh... looking for me, I'll be in back.
223 Follow me.
224 It's gonna have to wait. I'll talk to you later.
225 I don't have it.
300 Damn, I'm fucked flat.
301 Wahoo.
302 That was... was... WOW!!!
303 You could set her ass on fire.
304 Damn that parted my hair - well, what little I have.
305 Sure beats a roll with Dave.
320 Not bad... Not bad...
321 I might even pay for that again.
322 Mmmm...
323 Not bad, not bad.
324 We'll have to do that again and work on our... flexability.
350 Looks like I'm going to be getting Handy again.
351 Don't let the door hit your DRY ASS on the way out!
352 Time to finish what you couldn't even start!
370 Oh, that's nice.
371 Billy likes that.
372 Ohhhh yeah.
373 Nice.
374 Jeezus and ramona.
375 Good Gracious.
376 I shoulda packed a box of tissue.
377 Hmmm, who should I imagine now.
390 Hey, can't you see I'm busy in here?
391 Hey, hey, get the hell out.
392 Hey, you couldn't finish the job, so get out.
393 Can you get me a mop and come back in 5?
400 Billy, you better not have made a mess on that mattress again!
401 Hey Billy, you need a mop?
402 Billy, your fly's down. AGAIN!
403 Yo Billy, don't forget to change your pants later.
404 Billy, you been eating doughnuts?
410 Uhhh.
411 Shucks
412 Jeesh
413 He, he, heee...
414 Huh?
500 *SPIT, SPIT* Eccchhhh...
510 Hey buddy, care to "rent" that fine ho of yours?
511 Can't this wait? I've got to get a drink.
512 Yeah, if you want to talk to me, I'll be at The Hole.
513 How about you meet me at The Hole and I buy you a drink?
520 Sorry, I'm a hurry to get home. I just got some new porn in.
522 I'm going over to Dave's. He's got a whole porn wing!
523 I'm uhhh, tired, please let me go home and uhhh, sleep...
530 Uhhh, no thanks. I don't have money to piss away on that again.

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