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100 This man looks fairly strong and alert.
101 She seems strong despite her size.
200 He seems to be awfully thin but angry.
201 This one looks fairly strong.
202 He moves with great speed.
210 She doesn't seem to have ever bathed.
211 She looks like strong fighter.
212 This one doesn't seem like much trouble.
245 Quiet! They near.
246 Kill bad men.
247 No take family from me.
248 I protect family.
249 Must not find us.
250 They bad people.
260 Slavers are coming. Everyone quiet.
261 Get ready. I think they're close now.
262 I'm not going down without a fight.
263 They'll never enslave us.
264 Those slavers will pay for this.
265 No slaver's going to take my family.
300 You die now!
301 Me kill!
302 You no hurt family!
303 You no take family!
304 I protect!
305 I hurt you!
306 You pay!
307 Die!
308 I'm gonna hurt you.
350 You're not going to take my family, slaver!
351 Die, slaving scum!
352 You'll pay, you bastard!
353 I'll fight to the death for my family!
354 You won't get away with this!
355 You're not leaving here with my friends!
356 I'm going to get you for this!
357 God damn slavers!

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