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100 You see a ghost!
101 You see Anna the ghost.
150 This a ghost. That's not something you see every day.
151 She seems quite tormented.
152 [TALK]
153 Oh, the pain! It burns so!
154 What�s the matter?
155 Who are you?
156 Begone, foul spirit!
157 I stop and knock at every door, but no one comes, no one hears.
158 I can hear you. What�s the matter?
159 I think you need to turn off your Stealth Boy, ma'am.
160 Where is it? I cannot find it! I am lost! Oh....
161 What are you looking for? Maybe I can help.
162 You really need to stop moaning and groaning and start making sense.
163 My locket! It is gone. Thief! Thief!
164 Whoa, I just got here. I didn�t do it.
165 Can I help you find it?
166 Oh, cruel fate.
167 You can�t hear me, can you?
168 Later, ghost girl.
169 Bye. I�ll try to help.
170 My locket! Give it to me!!! Oh!!!!
171 No way! Go to hell. I found this fair and square.
172 OK. Here you go.
173 Here. May you rest in peace.
174 OK.
175 No.
176 My locket, my locket! I�m coming, Daddy! I�m coming!
177 Goodbye.
178 Wait! Don�t go!
179 Go into the light.
200 Where could it be?
201 Ohhh.
202 Mommy? Daddy? Where are you?
203 I can't find it!
500 Mommy... Daddy... I'm coming...
501 It's so bright...
502 Grammy, I can see you...
503 Oh, it's the kind Mr. Cain. It's good to see you again...
550 This house is clear.

I've had quite enough of you

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