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100 You see a reliant.
101 This person is heavily chemmed.
102 He looks like he's high on chems.
103 She looks like she's high on chems.
104 He's looking pretty bad. You suspect it's withdrawal from some kind of chem.
105 She's seen better days. She looks like she's going through withdrawal.
106 This reliant looks like the living dead.
107 You think this reliant just threw up.
150 The lights are hurting me!
151 Monsters everywhere!
152 That felt weird.
153 Am I bleeding?
154 It doesn't normally seem this real.
155 Stop it, man!
156 Will no one help me?
157 Help!
158 Get away!
159 My head hurts enough as it is!
160 Leave me alone.
200 Wow, you've got a weird dark glow.
201 My, you're a big pup.
202 Don't tell them what we know is not there.
203 Ahhh�
204 Can you see me?
205 Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits.
206 How did you get way up here?
207 Shhh, I'm hiding.
208 I'm running faster than a wolf!
209 I feel so alive!
210 It's coursing through my veins�
211 Right there, baby.
212 Oooohhh, can you feel the power?
213 Wow, you're glowing�
214 I love you, man!
215 Life's been so good to me. Has it been good to you?
216 The little ones fly at night.
217 Say hello to my little friend.
218 Boy, I'm sleepy�
219 Have you seen my dog?
220 Shhh, they're right behind you�
221 Mine!
222 Oooh, my head.
223 I ache all over.
224 I'm starting to get the shakes.
225 Oh, I need some more.
226 I need a fix.
227 I can't wait, I need it now.
228 You take my shit?
229 Ah, leave me alone.
230 I got the shakes bad, man.
231 I hate this part.
232 I just want to die.
233 I need some more bad.
234 I can't take this much longer.
235 I think I have a fever.
236 I think I'm going to puke.
237 Maybe if I just sleep�
238 I got the shakes bad, lady.
300 Is that blood?
301 Whoa! Am I beeding? I can can't feel a thing!
302 It tingles.
303 Who did that?
304 What's going on?
305 I'm bleeding� I think.
306 Oh, the pain.
307 Now I really need a fix.
308 Just let me die.
350 Ahhhh�
351 I'm floating�
352 I have the power!
353 Hello, Mr. Flower.
354 All the colors�
355 More longer friend see that sky?
356 They aren't listening�
357 Where am I?
358 There it is!
359 Whoa, no! Stop! Wait! Okay, go ahead.
360 There, there� ahh�
361 Yea, baby!
362 What was that?
363 Sasha? Where are you Sasha?
364 The colors are fading!
365 Mom?
366 Hey! Get away from me! Oh�
367 Don't you do that!
368 I can't see� again.
369 Need�
370 Get more�
371 There? No.
372 No. Can't find it.
373 Make it stop!
374 Ug.
375 Oh, the pain.
377 Ooh, my head!
378 Where'd I put my stash?
400 A demon!
401 The enemy is upon us!
402 You murderer! You killed by son!
403 A monster! Kill it!
404 Ah! Pargasraka!
405 Feet fom chin rat going! Ahhh!
406 You won't take it from me!
407 Give it back!
408 No!!!

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

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