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1000 My face! My face!
1001 Ow! That hurt!
1002 Ouch! I need some ice for my head
1003 You've torn off my head! Oh God, my head's gone!
1004 By doath! Dew tore off by doath!
1005 I've been scalped!
1006 My face is gone, oh God nooooo!
1007 Where's my ear?
1008 Why's everything spinning like that?
1009 No one will ever be able to look at me again!
1010 Ow, my arm
1011 Ow!
1012 You broke my arm!
1013 Christ, my arm's been torn off!
1014 Oh God, not my arm.
1015 Stop, please stop.
1016 (Sob, sob)
1017 My arm's so broken.
1018 How will I earn a living now?
1019 You broke it.
1020 Ow, my arm
1021 Wahhhh!
1022 My God! My arm!
1023 How can I support my family now?
1024 Bone, so white.
1025 So much blood.
1026 Christ, just make the pain stop!
1027 Not my fingers, anything but that. Noooooo!
1028 My arm's been torn off. Oh God, no.
1029 Just don't kill me.
1030 Ow! That really hurt!
1031 I think I'm gonna faint
1032 Ouch!
1033 Oooof!
1034 That hurt!
1035 Just leave me alone!
1036 Ohhh, pain!
1037 I'm dying!
1038 Oh Christ, that hurt so bad....
1039 I'm bleedin' out.
1040 I'm a gonner.
1041 Christ, why did you have to do that?
1042 Who'll take care of my family?
1043 Why me? Why?
1044 What did I ever do to you?
1045 I never wanted to die like this.
1046 I didn't mean nothin'. Just don't kill me.
1047 Arrrgh, my spine.
1048 W'wait, where's my spleen?
1049 So much, blood.
1050 I'm starting to feel cold and sleepy.
1051 Christ, don't kill me, please!
1052 I won't get in your way, just let me live.
1053 Who'll take care of my family.
1054 Don't hurt me anymore.
1055 You're killing me!
1056 (Cough, cough) Can't breathe.
1057 Feeling faint, can't keep going.
1058 Help me,eeeeellp meeeeee!
1059 Oh God, oh God, oh God....
1060 Ow, my leg
1061 My knee!
1062 Ow!
1063 You tore my leg off.
1064 My knee's been ripped open!
1065 I can't walk.
1066 Why does it have to hurt so much?!?
1067 My toes are missing.
1068 My foot, where's my foot?
1069 I can't feel my foot!
1070 Ow, my leg
1071 My knee!
1072 Aaaarrrrggghhh!
1073 I'll never dance again.
1074 I'll never run again.
1075 I can't feel my toes.
1076 Bone, so white, pain so great....
1077 So much blood...it's everywhere.
1078 I've been torn open.
1079 It's a bad one, oh God, why me.
1080 Ow!! My eyes!
1081 My face! My eyes! Arrrrgh!
1082 My eyes!
1083 Oh God, I'm blind!
1084 You tore my eye out! Oh God, nooooo.
1085 Not my eyes, anything but that.
1086 You've blinded me, noooooo.
1087 Not my eyes, please not that.
1088 I'm blind, just kill me. (sob, sob)
1089 Where's my eye, if I could just push it back in....
1090 Ooooooooo, my groin! Ooooooo...
1091 Oww...It burns!
1092 Urp!
1093 Ooorp! aoooww...
1094 I...can't...breathe...
1095 The pain, the pain...
1096 It burns, it burns.
1097 I think I need to sit down.
1098 That wasn't fair.
1099 Cow...ard, unh....
1100 Damn!
1101 My aching skull
1102 My face! My face!
1103 I see stars!
1104 Who turned out the lights?
1105 Do smathed by teef out!
1106 Hey, I part my hair on the *other* side.
1107 Hah, at least you didn't hit anything important.
1108 Oooh, my head.
1109 I feel kinda dizzy.
1110 Aggghhh! My arm
1111 My arm!
1112 Oh man, that hurts!
1113 My arm hurts, it's a bad one.
1114 My arm's all tore up.
1115 My arm's broken, here...and here....
1116 Bone sticking out of arm, arrrrrgghhh.
1117 I can't feel anything, my arm's all numb.
1118 Someone bend my arm back, pleeeeeaassee?!?
1119 My thumb's been ripped right off my hand!
1120 Aggghhh! My arm
1121 My arm!
1122 My hand's almost torn off!
1123 Arrrrgh! Help me find my fingers!
1124 I'll never write that novel now.
1125 My arm's broken!
1126 Unh, you tore my arm backwards.
1127 Holy Christ! I didn't think I could feel this much pain.
1128 Not the arm, why my arm?
1129 It hurts so bad.
1130 My legs, I can't feel my legs.
1131 Oof!
1132 Ouch!
1133 Oof! My ribs hurt
1134 Ugh! That hurt!
1135 Damn! I spit on you!
1136 Argh!
1138 Oh, my ribs!
1139 Ow!!!
1140 Oof!
1143 If it don't hurt much is it a bad one?
1144 Heavy weight on chest, gasp, gasp, so thirsty.
1145 *Gasp* Why can't I breathe right?
1146 It hurts real bad.
1147 I think something's broken inside, I hurt real bad.
1148 Ack! Something tore loose inside my chest.
1149 Why's it have to hurt so damn much?
1150 Oh Christ, not a gut wound!
1151 I just keep bleeding, it won't (cough, cough) stop.
1152 I can't breathe and I keep coughin' up blood, that's bad ain't it?
1153 I've got a hole all the way through me.
1154 I can see my insides, uh oh.
1155 My insides are on the outside, that can't be good.
1156 My lungs keep hissing and (cough, cough, gasp) burbling.
1157 I'm feeling kinda warm and sleepy now.
1158 I think I just want to lay down for a while.
1159 It's getting so dark now.
1160 Aggghhh! My leg
1161 My leg!
1162 There goes my knee
1163 My dance career's over.
1164 My kneecap's just gone man, gone.
1165 Where's the lower half of my leg? Where is it?!?
1166 It hurts to move.
1167 I've been hit. I can't feel my leg.
1168 It hurts, somebody make it stop!
1169 The pain! Oh, the pain!
1170 Aggghhh! My leg
1171 My leg!
1172 There goes my knee
1173 I can't feel my leg at all.
1174 I guess I better find myself a parrot and an eyepatch.
1175 Just call me stumpy.
1176 I'll never be able to support my family now.
1177 Who'll hire me now?
1178 I'm no good to anyone as a cripple. (sob, sob)
1179 My leg, I can't feel it.
1180 Aggghhh! I'm blind!
1181 My eyes! My eyes!
1182 My eye! You'll pay for that one!
1183 You tore my eye out.
1184 Who turned out the lights?
1185 My eye! Aiiieeeee!
1186 I sure wish I could see just one more sunset.
1187 My eye, I can't see anything!
1188 It's so dark, and lonely all of a sudden.
1189 I'd give anything to see again.
1190 Oooooo, my groin!
1191 Oooooooooo!
1192 I...can't...breathe...
1193 Erg! Right in the jewels!
1194 The pain, the pain...
1195 Damn, that hurts!
1196 No more kids for me.
1197 *unh* low blow.
1198 Eeeeeep!
1199 Oh yeah, that hurts.
1200 Ow! You son of a...
1201 You broke my nose!
1202 I'll take your head off!
1203 You hit my fuckin' skull!
1204 Gotta try harder than that, but not much harder.
1205 Ouch, that's going to cost you.
1206 Oh, look at all the pretty birdies.
1207 That hurt.
1208 You fucked up my pretty face.
1209 That's going to leave a scar.
1210 Ow, my arm.
1211 You just made the biggest mistake of your life.
1212 My arm!
1213 Hah, I'm right handed.
1214 Only need one arm to kill you.
1215 I don't need those fingers anyway.
1216 I only need one finger for you bub.
1217 Damn, that's gonna take away from my swing.
1218 I can still take you out of the picture.
1219 Damn, snapped my arm right in two.
1220 Ow, my arm
1221 You just made the biggest mistake of your life
1222 My arm!
1223 I can take you left handed.
1224 Hah, I'm a southpaw anyhow.
1225 Trying to disarm me huh?
1226 That's not going to stop me.
1227 I've still got another hand to use against you.
1228 Damn, that hurt.
1229 Mmm, that's going to leave a mark.
1230 Urp!
1231 Oof!
1232 Ouch!
1233 Yup, that cracked some ribs alright.
1234 Ugh! That hurt!
1235 Ouch!
1236 Argh!
1237 Oh, I think you broke a rib!
1238 Ow!!! My spleen!
1239 Yeah, that just got me started.
1240 Now you've got me pissed off.
1241 I didn't like that at all.
1242 Damn, you popped a goddamn lung.
1243 Only a worm like you would try for a gut-wound.
1244 I'm going to replace those organs you just holed, with some of yours.
1245 Damn, you're better than you look, 'spose you'd hafta be.
1246 That's not nice at all. I'm going to have to teach you some manners.
1247 Lucky shot that time.
1248 Hope you think it's just as funny when I do that to you.
1249 I must be getting old. That actually hurt.
1250 You'll have to do a lot better than that.
1251 Everything's still workin' well enough to take you out.
1252 Just missed my lung, I think.

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