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1000 My face! My face!
1001 Ow! That hurt!
1002 Ouch! I need some ice for my head
1010 Ow, my arm
1011 Ow!
1012 You broke my arm!
1020 Ow, my arm
1021 Wahhhh!
1022 My God! My arm!
1030 Ow! That really hurt!
1031 I think I'm gonna faint
1032 Ouch!
1033 Oooof!
1034 That hurt!
1035 Just leave me alone!
1036 Ohhh, pain!
1060 Ow, my leg
1061 My knee!
1062 Ow!
1070 Ow, my leg
1071 My knee!
1072 Aaaarrrrggghhh!
1080 Ow!! My eyes!
1081 My face! My eyes! Arrrrgh!
1082 My eyes!
1090 Ooooooooo, my groin! Ooooooo...
1091 Oww...It burns!
1092 Urp!
1093 Ooorp! aoooww...
1094 I...can't...breathe...
1095 The pain, the pain...
1100 Damn!
1101 My aching skull
1102 My face! My face!
1110 Aggghhh! My arm
1111 My arm!
1112 Oh man, that hurts!
1120 Aggghhh! My arm
1121 My arm!
1131 Oof!
1132 Ouch!
1133 Oof! My ribs hurt
1134 Ugh! That hurt!
1135 Damn! I spit on you!
1136 Argh!
1138 Oh, my ribs!
1139 Ow!!!
1140 Oof!
1160 Aggghhh! My leg
1161 My leg!
1162 There goes my knee
1170 Aggghhh! My leg
1171 My leg!
1172 There goes my knee
1180 Aggghhh! I'm blind!
1181 My eyes! My eyes!
1182 My eye! You'll pay for that one!
1190 Oooooo, my groin!
1191 Oooooooooo!
1192 I...can't...breathe...
1193 Erg! Right in the jewels!
1194 The pain, the pain...
1195 Damn, that hurts!
1200 Ow! You son of a...
1201 You broke my nose!
1202 I'll take your head off!
1210 Ow, my arm
1211 You just made the biggest mistake of your life
1212 My arm!
1220 Ow, my arm
1221 You just made the biggest mistake of your life
1222 My arm!
1230 Urp!
1231 Oof!
1232 Ouch!
1234 Ugh! That hurt!
1235 Ouch!
1236 Argh!
1237 Oh, I think you broke a rib!
1238 Ow!!! My spleen!
1239 Oof!
1260 Ow, my leg
1261 I don't need to stand to kill you!
1262 My knee!
1270 Ow, my leg
1271 I don't need to stand to kill you!
1272 My knee!
1280 I can't see!
1281 This fight is getting worse by the second
1282 That was a real cheap shot!
1290 Oooooo, my groin!
1291 I'll feel that in the morning
1293 Urp!
1300 That'll be a cool scar!
1301 I'm starting to get annoyed
1302 Do that again, pig
1310 You winged me!
1312 You broke my arm, but I'll break your neck
1321 It's just a scratch...
1322 You broke my arm, so I'm gonna break your neck
1330 A little blood ain't hurt no-one
1331 Oof! I'm gonna scrag you for that...
1332 Ow!
1333 I like the pain!
1334 I love the sound of cracking ribs!
1335 That ain't nothing!
1336 Arg!
1360 I love the sound of bones crunching
1362 You broke my leg, but I'll break your neck
1370 I love the sound of bones crunching
1372 You broke my arm, but I'll break your neck
1380 Hey, I'm blind
1381 I can't see. That'll make this fair
1390 Oof, my groin!
1391 That was a ballsy move
1394 So that's the way you want to play it
1395 Ack!
1400 Warning, CPU malfunction registered!
1401 Warning! CPU damage! Processing impaired!
1402 Warning! CPU damaged! Rerouting critical system!
1410 Manipulator damage registered
1411 Unit struck in left manipulator. Damage assessment
1412 Manipulator hit registered. Attempting to compensate
1420 Manipulator damage registered
1421 Unit struck in right manipulator. Damage assessment
1422 Manipulator hit registered. Attempting to compensate
1430 Frame hit. Correcting for damage
1431 Frame hit. Internal repairs initiated
1432 Main structure under attack
1433 Armor penetrated
1434 Main structure under attack. Correcting
1435 This unit under attack
1436 Attempting combat maneuver
1437 Brzzt!
1438 Minor damage
1439 Brzzt!
1460 Motivator damage registered
1462 Unit struck in right motivator. Damage assessment
1463 Motivator hit registered. Attempting to compensate
1470 Motivator damage registered
1471 Unit struck in left motivator. Damage assessment
1472 Motivator hit registered. Attempting to compensate
1480 Sensor hit! Sensor hit!
1481 Sensors impaired! Sensors impaired!
1482 Sensor system malfunction, attempting bypass
1490 Regulator malfunction registered!
1491 Regulator damage! Regulation impaired!
1492 Regulator damaged! Rerouting critical system!
1500 My head is filled with evil spirits.
1501 I can hear my ancestors calling me.
1502 That will scarr nicely.
1503 Ouuuuch!
1504 My head is on fire!
1505 It burns, it burns!
1506 The pain.
1507 Your magic is powerful.
1508 You cannot steal my soul that way.
1509 Your magic cannot kill me.
1510 I'll use my right arm to kill you.
1511 I only need one hand to kill you.
1512 Your pain will be even greater!
1513 I didn't need that many fingers anyway.
1514 That arm was a little too long anyhow.
1515 I will take both your arms for that.
1516 For that, I kill you slow.
1517 Youch!
1518 So much blood.
1519 Something to show the young-ones.
1520 I will kill you with my left hand.
1521 Is your aim that bad?
1522 I only need one hand to kill you.
1523 I didn't need that many fingers anyway.
1524 For that, I kill you slow.
1525 I will take both your arms for that.
1526 You take my arm, I'll take your head!
1527 You seek to cripple me?
1528 I will dine on your entrails for that.
1529 You will take a long time to die.
1530 Awwwwwg!
1531 My insides burn!
1532 My guts are on fire!
1533 My life-spirits flee from me.
1534 I've been torn open!
1535 May I live long enough to finish you.
1536 Ancestors, I am coming.
1537 I will never see the village again.
1538 At least I will die with honor.
1539 My brothers shall avenge me.
1540 I have no breath left in me.
1541 You have taken my soul.
1542 You would mutilate me?
1543 I'm gutted like a brahmin.
1544 I don't feel good.
1545 I can't feel my legs.
1546 Suddenly, I feel warm and sleepy.
1547 Errrggggg!
1548 Gack! cough, cough.
1549 Must continue, must slay enemy....
1550 The darkness beckons to me.
1551 The hour of my death approaches.
1552 The Shaman was right, I do not return.
1553 The outworlder has slain me.
1554 I am killed.
1555 My guts are loosened from my spine!
1556 Do not let me shame myself in death.
1557 Damn these pesky intestines.
1558 Hey, look here, I can see my lunch.
1559 Where has all the air gone?
1560 I will crawl to kill you.
1561 Must keep standing, must....
1562 Do not make me run to catch you!
1563 You would cripple me, Coward!
1564 Awwwwgg!
1565 Bone? So white....
1566 Why can't I walk?
1567 Arrrrrrgh.
1568 Unnhhh.
1569 Leg feels like fire.
1570 I will crawl to kill you.
1571 Must keep standing, must....
1572 Do not make me run to catch you!
1573 You would cripple me, Coward!
1574 Awwwwgg!
1575 Bone? So white....
1576 Can't walk. Oh the pain....
1577 I will burn off your foot for that.
1578 Ooooo-ouuuuch!
1579 Leg burns like fire.
1580 The darkness is here.
1581 Where are you?
1582 Help, help me.
1583 I can still hear you.
1584 Seeking to blind me? You Coward!
1585 My sight has been stolen.
1586 You can take my eyes but not my courage!
1587 Come here so I can kill you!
1588 The darkness, the darkness, Aaaiiiieee!
1589 Where's my eye, where is it!?!
1590 I have too many young all ready.
1591 You fight without honor.
1592 I'm married, didn't use it anyway.
1593 Holy spirits, the world just exploded.
1594 Gasp...can't breath....
1595 In high, squeaky, voice--Ouch!
1596 Unnhhh. I need to sit down for a bit.
1597 You bastard--I kill you slow for that.
1598 You know nothing of honor.
1599 I butcher you like animal for that.
1600 Oh, my pretty face
1601 My brains hurt.

It was a morality core they installed after I flooded the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin to make me stop flooding the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin.

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