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100 You see a tech.
101 You see an Enclave technician.
102 You see someone wearing a lab coat. He appears confident and self-assured.
103 Yes, sir?
104 Me new here. Need ask question.
105 Me just say hi. Me go now.
106 I�m new here and I�m trying to get familiar with the base. Can I ask you some questions?
107 Just saying hi. See ya.
108 Certainly, soldier.
109 What can I help you with?
110 What this place?
111 What you job?
112 Where Enclave main base at?
113 Me look for vertibird plans. Where I find?
117 Me be go now.
118 What is this place?
119 What is your job here?
120 Where is the Enclave main base located?
121 I need to look at the vertibird plans. Where are they kept?
125 Nothing. I�ve got to go.
126 This is the comm center. From here we handle all communications with the main base and any other outposts that have been established.
127 Me see. Me ask more.
128 All right. A couple more questions.
129 I�m a comm center technician, first class. I perform supervisory duties. Mainly I make sure the other techs don�t screw up.
130 Uh... yeah.
131 Good. Keep up the good work.
132 Soldier, that information is on a "need to know"-only basis. If you have to ask the question then you don�t need to know.
133 Okay.
134 Come on, it�s not like I�m some damn tribal or something. We�re in the same outfit; notice the insignia on the armor?
135 I understand.
136 Yes, sir. The main base is located off the Pacific coast near the city of San Francisco. May I inquire why you are asking, sir?
137 Soldier, I told you that information is on a "need to know"-only basis.
138 For security purposes, I�m checking the level of information awareness among base personnel. Now, tell me all the ways you personally know of to get to main base.
139 I understand.
140 Yes, sir. First, the vertibirds are the primary method used in reaching main base. Due to the complexity of their operation it is doubtful that subversives could commandeer a vertibird. Second, there is an operational fuel tanker in San Francisco harbor. The ship has, however, been disabled and a passkey is required to restart it. The base commander has the passkey in his possession. Third, with the proper equipment, you could conceivably swim to main base but the probability of survival is next to nil.
141 Thanks.
142 Thanks.
143 They would be located in maintenance, next to air traffic control.
144 Okay.
145 Got it.
155 Are you nuts, walking around here out of uniform? Get suited up!
156 If the sergeant catches you out of uniform he�ll hand you your ass.
157 Why are you out of uniform?
158 Holy shit! We�re being invaded! Alert!
159 Intruders! Call the guard!
160 Guard! Intruders in the comm center!
161 What�s up? Are we under attack?
162 Why the alert? What�s happening?
163 What the hell�s going on?
164 I�m just a tech, don�t shoot me!
165 I didn�t sign up for combat, just tech training!

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