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100 You see someone in power armor.
101 You see the Quartermaster.
102 You see someone wearing power armor of an unusual design. There is an insignia on the breastplate that you are unfamiliar with.
103 Who the hell are you guys... Alert! Intruders on the base!
104 What the... I can see why you're here. You obviously want to get rid of that antique suit you're wearing.
105 Why are you out of uniform, soldier?
106 Die!
107 Uh, yeah...
108 Uh...
109 Me new here.
110 Me not one you soldiers!
111 Uh, well...
112 I'm new here.
113 I'm not one of your soldiers!
114 Uh, what? Can't think of a good excuse? I'm waiting, soldier!
115 Me not have uniform yet.
116 I don't have a uniform yet.
117 You're a bit on the slow side, aren't you? (sigh) Well, that's not your fault. I have a brother just like you. Anyway, are you new here? I don't recall seeing you before.
118 Are you new here? I don't recall seeing you before.
119 Yes! Me new here!
120 Yes, I'm new here.
121 Well, you'll need your standard issue, then. Go into the armory, suit up, and take your weapon. You should report to the Drill Sergeant afterwards.
122 Thanks!
123 You're welcome. Now get out of here. I've got work to do and I don't want to be disturbed.
124 I'm busy right now. Come back later.
125 Hello, recruit. I just got a call from your Sergeant. He says I'm to suit you up and send you back to him. That right?
126 Yes.
127 This base is on alert and I don't recognize you. Show me your papers, soldier.
128 Me not have papers with on me.
129 Me no need papers!
130 I don't have my papers with me. They're in my footlocker.
131 Papers? I've got your papers right here!
132 Wrong answer. You're to carry your papers with you at all times and you should know that!

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