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100 Big surprise �- it looks like a guy in power armor.
101 Yep, it�s still a guy in power armor.
102 He�s got some kind of insignia on his chest that different from any of the others you�ve seen around here.
103 -the armory!
104 What the- >
105 (So, Sarge sent you. Something about needing power armor. Well, all I got is one in for maintainence. Might have a few problems still, so take it easy. Just sign here.)
106 Uh� Could you repeat that?
107 I think there�s something wrong with your suit.
108 Sure, I�ll do that.
109 No way. Forget it.
110 You the guy Arch radioed about?
111 Are you sure you�re not the guy?
112 Huh?
113 Yes.
114 No.
115 Who are you? What are you doing here?
116 What?
117 Uh� I�m new here?
118 Peek-a-boo!
119 Who are you? What are you doing here?
120 What?
121 Uh� I�m new here?
122 Peek-a-boo!
123 What do you mean? This suit�s working fine! You gonna sign the papers or not?
124 I�m not understanding a word of this.
125 Your speaker�s broken.
126 Sure, whatever.
127 To hell with this!
128 (What, are you deaf? I said I got a suit; just sign here.)
129 Clown, are you? Well, I don�t need this. You explain to Sarge why you don�t have a uniform!
130 Huh?
131 Okay, fine. I�ll do it.
132 Just forget it, okay?
133 Your speaker�s not broken. I can hear you just fine. Just sign the papers and we can get this done.
134 Huh?
135 Fine, I give up!
136 You want me to what? I�m not that kind of person!
137 Okay, what�s your name?
138 [Player name]
139 Pisces?
140 I want the power armor.
141 Swordfish.
142 Right. Unit?
143 Arroyo.
144 Nope.
145 I got better.
146 42
147 That with an S or a C?
148 Yes.
149 No.
150 I don�t know.
151 You�ll get the damn armor when I�m good and ready! Now, answer the question.
152 [Player name]
153 Pisces?
154 Swordfish.
155 Arroy� Wait a minute! We just hit that place. You�re a damn tribal! Guards!
156 Look, clown, don�t be making trouble or I�ll have your insubordinate ass up on report. Just answer the question.
157 Arroyo.
158 42
159 That�s it! Get your ass over to your sergeant. I�m sending you up on charges. Dismissed.
160 The 42nd, eh? Good unit. Okay. Here�s your gear. Dismissed, soldier.
161 What are you, deaf? Are you the guy or not?
162 Yes.
163 Like a fish in water.
164 Not.
165 Okay, let�s make this quick. Take that off and I�ll give you a new suit.
166 You�re nothing but static.
167 Huh?
168 Okay.
169 You�re gonna off me? I don�t think so!
170 Oh, well never mind.
171 The power armor. Give me the power armor, you moron.
172 Okay.
173 I already made the deal. I�m not giving you any more.
174 You bet I got something for you, you bastard.
175 Okay, here�s the suit. Now get out of here.
176 You moron; you don�t have the suit. Get out of here!
177 What the hell are you talking about? Give me the suit.
178 All right, already!
179 Screw this!
180 Right, J. Okay, Unit?
181 Arroyo.
182 Nope.
183 I got better.
184 42
185 You deaf? Who are you?
186 I�m the new guy?
187 Nope, never heard of �em.
188 New guy, eh? Suppose you want your issue. Why don�t anybody ever tell me these things? What�s your name?
189 Huh? You ain�t nothing but static.
190 [Player name]
191 Not if I shoot first!
192 Wait a minute -� you�re not one of us! GUARDS!
193 Look soldier, I already gave you your gear, so get on out of here.
194 What do you want?

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